Summer Camps for Kids | Summer Camps In India |

INME was founded by a team of experts who graduated from some of India’s most reputed business colleges. Their inspiration to start the brand came from their love of the outdoors. INME organises adventure camps for children between the ages of 9-18 years. An outdoor program which allows kids to experience wilderness at its best, INME has been rated as one of the country’s finest camp organiser. An 8-day experience which includes outdoor activities like white water rafting, mountain biking, rock climbing, etc, INME provides a wholesome experience to children during their summer break. Organised in 5 locations overall India, these camps have been set by international standards to give children a holistic experience of the outdoors. The team helps organise activities for children that builds team work and patience and hard work. Their programs involve experiential learning methods that teach children essential life skills. The courses range from basic challenge levels to high challenges with variety of options like altitude treks, snow skiing, scuba diving, and so on. The adaptability and peer interaction allows children to build humility and respect the environment which in turn helps them become a better human being. With INME a child grows in a holistic manner and has the best experience as well.