Information Processing Technology (IPT)
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Scooped by Douglas Thomson!

Norton Security Center | Learning Center

Norton Security Center | Learning Center | Information Processing Technology (IPT) |

The 11 most common computer security threats… And what you can do to protect yourself from them.

Douglas Thomson's insight:

Student Activity!


We're learning about computer security this term. This website by Norton security details a bunch of different security threats you may encounter today.


1. Using the resource can you describe the difference between spyware and a virus?

2. How does learning about these threats reduce our risk to them?


Write a paragraph on each and bring it to the next class. 

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Rescooped by Douglas Thomson from 21st Century Learning and Teaching!

Microsoft: 25 percent of computers are still vulnerable to viruses and malware

Microsoft: 25 percent of computers are still vulnerable to viruses and malware | Information Processing Technology (IPT) |

Shield your computer from malware that attack your computer through fake software, websites and email attachments by keep your antivirus software up-to-date

Via Gust MEES
Douglas Thomson's insight:

We'll be looking at computer security in class. This article talks about some serious security issues still threatening computer users. Considering you all have laptop computers for school you should probably read this! Being aware of threats is the best way to avoid them. 

Gust MEES's curator insight, April 23, 2013 5:16 PM


Read the complete Report from SYMANTEC here [PDF]:


Check also:



Check also other infographics here:


Hunter K's curator insight, April 30, 2013 10:02 AM

Anti-virus software isn't needed but it helps protect.

Diego Cruz-Savinon's curator insight, April 10, 2014 2:12 PM

Since the second helf of the year 2012, the number of computers that are still vulnerable to Malware and viruses is 26%. People still need to be careful what they download onto their computers because, some of it can be crash your computer. The way to prevent this from happening is to simply upgrade your anti-virus software to a newer version of it.