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Information overload, information crap,information pollution...are some of the words that are being used now to describe the tsunami of irrelevant information we are bombarded with day and night.In  December 2009, Google began customizing its search results for all users, and we entered a new era of personalization. With little notice or fanfare, our online experience is changing, as the websites we visit are increasingly tailoring themselves to us.Everywhere you turn you find information that seems relevant to you but in fact is nothing but crap. This is probably why Eli Pariser recommended what he called Information Bubble.


Howard Rheingold is another guy who has done a lot of writings on Information Crap. I have already reviewed his awesome book Net Smart: How to Thrive Online in an article posted last year. Today I am sharirng with you some of the great resources I learned from Howard himself about how to detect crap information and the literacies we need to develop and teach to our students to make them better internet users. Check out the links below and share with us what you think of them. Enjoy


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