Jacksonville. FL 8th July, 2014 one of the most respected infographic designers in the market Infographicsdesigner.org has confirmed the launch of a new custom infographic design service package geared towards marketing and sales professionals. The firm says that marketing and sales in a uniquely placed field to explore the use of infographics in data representation and as such, the new service will come as a huge relief especially considering that a lot of sales and marketing experts have struggled to present findings, data and reports in infographic formats over the last few years.

Infographicsdesigner.org will now become the very first infographic designer to offer a custom service geared towards marketing and sales professionals and as many analysts in the sector note, it is clear that Infographicsdesigner.org is looking to explore all available opportunities to maintain its current position as one of the best infographic consultant in the market. The provider has also taken this moment to welcome marketing and sales experts to take full advantage of the new custom services saying that it presents a very great chance for them to explore expert ideas and skills in infographic design.

For many people who have been wondering how to design an infographic, Infographicsdesigner.org says that one of the most important things in this process is utter creativity and innovation. The provider has assured marketing and sales professionals that the new custom service will be hinged on these two factors but most importantly, the infographic designer has noted that the cost will also be very affordable. Getting quality infographic designs has never been this easy for sales and marketing experts. Analysts note that the track record Infographicsdesigner.org has managed to build in service delivery will prove very crucial in promoting a great response to the new service.

Moving forward, the company has noted that it will continue to launch new and innovative infographic design services geared toward certain sectors that for one reason or another may have very unique needs as far as infographic design and development is concerned. Experts are confident that the custom service for marketing and sales experts will be very successful in the near and long term future.

All the same, Infographicsdesigner.org maintains that it's going to do everything within its power to promote the new service to as many marketing and sales professionals as possible. For many people looking for quality infographic designs working with a provider such as Infographicsdesigner.org is indeed a great step forward towards the best. Please feel free to get in touch with the firm through support@infographicsdesigner.org today for the best help designing infographics.

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