Huston, TX 8th July, 2014 one of the leading infographic design experts in the world has confirmed that it is now offering animated and motion infographic design services geared towards small scale businesses. The provider noted in a statement that the growing acknowledgement of the effectiveness of animated infographics in marketing and promotions is indeed inspiring a new demand for animated infographic design services.

In light of this fact, the firm has seen it fit to start offering this service to help businesses realize their potential through creative and effective animated marketing infographics. The infographic design company has welcomed small business to start taking full advantage of the new service. In addition to this, notes that the service has been structured to meet the custom marketing needs of small businesses. To start with, the cost is very low and the approach the firm will take in the design process will largely be based on a number of marketing principles. is now one of the very few online based providers online offering animated and motion infographic design services geared towards business marketing and promotion. The infographic design company has noted that there is great potential in this sector and with the right custom designs, infographic companies can start taking full advantage of it. All the same, the company maintains that the main reason why it is offering the service is based on the needs of many small businesses to use infographics in marketing.
Although the response the new service has seen has been great so far, there is growing optimism among analysts in the sector that the best is yet to be seen. has noted that it will set in place a number of strategies to help popularize the service even more. The infographic design services provider is expected to launch a momentous marketing plan to help promote wide access to animated and motion infographic design services in the next few weeks. The extent the move will go in helping the company diversify its services is expected to be very huge. is now looking to tap into a very huge infographic market and the provider is confident that it has all it takes to cut a path of success in this market. For small businesses looking to use animated infographics to promote products, is indeed a great place to start. For more information on how you can work with the data visualization company please get in touch with its team through

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