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Last May 10 and 11 the course of Computer Forensic Expert was held in Reus (Spain) by the Asociación Nacional de Tasadores y Peritos Judiciales Informáticos (ANTPJI), which I am member and one of the instructors, where I had the pleasure of giving a talk on two of my passions such as Python and OSINT (Open Source Intelligence).

Python is a great language to quickly develop all kinds of powerful applications with lots of libraries to perform exploits, reverse engineering, web analysis tools and more. No doubt a useful knowledge for any security expert.

Internet is immense, sheltering all unimaginable information and this is the reason why OSINT techniques are vital to collect, analyze and present this information.

For this course, I decided it would be interesting for attendees to learn how to develop simple tools (scripts) that allow them to perform OSINT using Python with a series of practical exercises with a specific objective each.

Presentation and code are available at VULNEX website.

Note: I have removed from the scripts the Google Hacking query, so the reader can insert its own query.

Via Luc Chauvin