Inflatable Kinetic Structure.Experimental installation at DIA Dessau | Cad Logic course Summer 2011


In 2 Sprint session of 2 days students experimented for the first time with inflatable structures. The goal was to built a large scale tectonic that could be tested in the main hall of the universitiy. THe workshop was organized in collaboration with Dr. Marcel Bilow of the TU Delft "BuckyLab".

Daniel Dendra (anOtherArchitect | OpenSimSim)
Marcel Bilow (Imagine Envelope | TU Delft)

participating students:
Alexandra Dominic
Maksym Yurovnikov
Iurii Kaigorodtsev
Kirill Tsuman
Matt Gaydon
Mousa Sedehi
Pooya Sanjari

movie: Maksym Irovnikov
music: DLid - Colour in your hands(Scandinavia edit)