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Universal Music Sees Recorded Music Business Near Turnaround

Universal Music Sees Recorded Music Business Near Turnaround | Industry News |
CEO Lucian Grainge and global CFO Boyd Muir also tout Vivendi's music unit's deal to acquire EMI's recorded music arm as "financially compelling" and immediately accretive to earnings. ...

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Monty Burton's insight:

The music business is ever changing. It is our responsibilty to ensure it changes to help us out.

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Jay Z Forces the Music Industry to Make New Rules -

Jay Z Forces the Music Industry to Make New Rules - | Industry News |
Jay Z Forces the Music Industry to Make New Rules
Jay-z *Jay Z has always been on a mission to change the game of the music industry and it seems with his last release he may have done just that.
Monty Burton's insight:
The evolution of the music business
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How Spotify Engineered the New Music Economy

How Spotify Engineered the New Music Economy | Industry News |
In a post-Napster music industry, Spotify seems to have concocted a winning monetization formula, but not all its participants are happy with the numbers.
Monty Burton's insight:

Spotify was possibly the straw that broke the camels back and forced the music industry to accept the free portion of the business

Bianca Brown's curator insight, October 13, 2013 5:46 PM

Spotify is good for letting the music industry for selling and listening numbers , instead of looking for social media webistes like facebook and/or twitter. Some artists do not have any knowledge about selling their music and knowing if it is good are not the billboard. Spotify can make you or break you for sells but sometimes this website maybe for availablity.

travis eskridge's curator insight, October 13, 2013 8:37 PM

the article talks about how succesful downloadable sites have become and how they play an important roll in the industry sites like napster and spotify.

Pros:you could receive revenue from this as artist everytime your music is downloaded.

Cons: if your and indie artist you wouldnt be able to live off of downloads and it would make it hard to have a stable career.

Herman Vernon's curator insight, September 14, 2016 7:45 PM

Is every big label in the game going to start launching and investing in already existing online streaming companies? Or have the big names in online music streaming already made to big of an impact for there to be space for the big record labels to get in.


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Music Industry Stops Losing Money

Music Industry Stops Losing Money | Industry News |

Yesterday The New York Times picked up the hopeful news from the global music business that the revenue free-fall from $38 billion a year more than a decade ago appears to have stopped at $16.5 billion, leaving the industry at less than half its pre-digital size. This bottoming out of the revenues will come as some relief to industry executives who have wished and prayed for this day because, until it actually arrived, nobody knew for sure what type of revenues to expect in the future. That can make running a business pretty tough.

The music industry is everybody's favorite example of digital disruption done wrong -- including mine, since I covered music for Forrester several times. I have some classic stories I could tell to illustrate the point about executives who believed that suing customers was the path to profitability and so on, but I'll spare you those. However, as the author of a book called Digital Disruption.


I actually owe it to the music industry for teaching me a few key principles of how to manage digital disruption:

Disrupt yourself before someone else can. Build a digital customer relationship. Care more about convenience than quality.Anticipate a reduction in revenue on a per transaction basis. 

We all owe a lot to the music industry. As the business that went through digital disruption in such a highly visible way, we can be grateful that we now know what not to do. And we also see in more recent decisions what to do -- from the VEVO music video service to the subscription models, like Spotify's, that the industry has finally embraced, we see that partnering promiscuously and experimenting rapidly will pay off. So even though the global music revenues are so much lower than before, what has emerged at the bottom of the revenue trough is a tougher, wiser industry that now has some solid footing on which to launch a digital counteroffensive. I wish them good luck.

Via Albin Serviant
Monty Burton's insight:

Finally after the intro of the digital age, the music business is profitable again.

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