New York City, NY 1st June 2014 - has expressed its confidence in doubling its revenues for the year 2014 after a massive rise in demand for its services over the last four months. The company analysis experts have said that customer orders during this period have more than doubled and this will be crucial in consolidating gains made so far until the end of the year. The company in its 2014 projected sales estimates is hoping to double last year's figures and by the looks of it, it is clear that is indeed on the right track.

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If this momentum is maintained until the end of 2014, will be looking at the prospect of closing down 2014 as one of the most success year in its history. In any case however, the top rated industry analysis expert has said that it's not carried away by the future and that at the moment its team will focus on offering the best company analysis service to the massive customer base looking up to it.

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