Maximum number of business organizations worldwide makes use of Microsoft Exchange server for efficient email messaging within or outside the organization. Such wide use of MS Exchange Server is because of the Active Directory technology that it makes use of but as the size of organization grows large with time it becomes more and more difficult for the administrator to handle the entire exchange server data and track the minutest of details within the Exchange server.

Due to the unavailability of required information the productivity, resource planning and optimization of email resources also suffers to a great extent. Let us consider a scenario of a massive organization which has an exchange server implemented within it. The administrator within such large organization finds it very much difficult in keeping the track of the details such as the storage available, resources either being under-used or over-used, security breaches, etc.

All these reasons makes it necessary for an administrator to have an exchange reporter tool which enables him to efficiently handle the exchange server functionality. There exist several other factors which justify this fact and are mentioned below:

Factors that necessitate the use of a commercial Exchange reporter tool:

It is extremely necessary for an administrator to have an overview of email systems of various departments so as to get a clear picture of the requirements of different departments beforehand. A better cost allocation can be achieved by doing this.


For proper data collection and report generation there remains the need of a single tool which offers it all rather than having multiple one’s for performing every single task individually.


The manual Exchange reporting system often turns out to be irksome and is effort as well as time consuming. On top of it, the information that it provides is often insufficient.


To track vulnerable computer systems against security breaches and avoid email abuse within the entire organization


For monitoring the email flow and studying the traffic pattern within the organization



To perform load balancing so that the exchange servers can be prevented from over utilization or under utilization



To help the organization in staying compliant with the various internal as well as external regulation standards.


To forecast the future needs and requirements of the organization and perform capacity and storage planning


All the afore-mentioned factors state the need of implementation of an Exchange reporting software in an Exchange server based organization. To fulfill all these needs, Lepide Exchange Reporter software is a comprehensive solution that perfectly manages the email system of your organization. It solely performs data collection, analysis and reporting functionality with generating more than 50+ reports on mailbox traffic, Outlook web access, email flow, content, etc.

Furthermore, it also helps to increase the email server security and prevent the security breaches. And keeps a constant watch to meet the email standards and also keeps the organization miles away from legal hassles, compliance violation and penalties.


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