Indigenous Australia
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Rescooped by Taryn Coxall from Culture!

Indigenous Australians Overview - Australian Museum

Indigenous Australians Overview - Australian Museum | Indigenous Australia |
Indigenous Australians are not one group; Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders throughout Australia have different thoughts, ideas and beliefs. Today their cultures are a mix of contemporary and traditional ways and practices.

Via Haley Turner
Taryn Coxall's insight:

This particular website is useful for students in upper primary for research and learning all aspects of indigenous history. This website could ideally be used in conjunction with a field trip to the Museum. 

I would defiently consider incorperating this website into a topic on indigenous history as it provides correct, useful yet simplified information on all aspects of Indigenous Australian History. 


The website foccuses on Indigenous Australians cultural history including; timelines from the pre contact of indigenous Ausralians to present day, a look into the spiritallity and culture of our indigenous Australians and how these have developed and changed over time, land rights the stolen generation. 

It also gives relevant updates on programmes and exhibitions available free for students and teachers. 


Haley Turner's curator insight, August 5, 2013 11:43 PM

This all about our Indigenous Australians. This website includes and introduction, timelines, social justice, flags, spirituality, cultural heritage, family and the land. It is great because it has many of links but they are all very easy to understand, giving a brief overview of each topic.


Topics such as the Stolen Generations are quite deep, so this website simplifies it to a level that primary school students can understand. Students can be given a different topic in groups and then analyse one of these articles in order to come up with an interpretation that they can share to the class. A lesson could be based on making a timeline from the information given on this website.

Scooped by Taryn Coxall!

Australia's 'stop the boats' policy is cynical and lawless

Australia's 'stop the boats' policy is cynical and lawless | Indigenous Australia |
John Pilger: From Aborigines to refugees, bashing the vulnerable wins votes in what is still a crudely racist country (Australia's 'stop the boats' policy is racist and lawless
Taryn Coxall's insight:

This article takes the side of the innocent adults and children on the boats entering Australia and helps us undersatnd why these people are fleeing their country and why the Australian Goverement is not treating the situation in an effective manner.

I feel that in a classroom children need to always be informed of current news in a way that they can undersatand both sides of a story, rather than embracing their parents or friends opinions on the matter. Even in primary school the use of articles such as this can effectively start class discussion/ debate and expose students to issues happening in their own country every day.

the issue of racism and acceptance of other cultures also comes into play with artciles such as this, which is something i feel in a classroom should not only be made clear immediately, but continually looked at thoughout the school year.


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