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"It is a disorienting and, at the same time, a curiously gripping experience to walk into Nightshade, an exhibition of photographs by Natasha de Betak, presented by Experimenter (February 17-March 31). The walls do not have a lot, yet the exhibition space seems intangibly stirred by dreams, fleeting memories and allusions generated by the photographs that are displayed. The photographs come from two series, Nightshade and Impulse, both born out of de Betak’s travels in India. It is as though the two sets explore the amorphous, shifting worlds that crowd into and around sleep — one gazing on sleep from the outside, as if to uncover its nature by presenting its real, yet mysterious, physicality, and the other inhabiting moments or wandering regions in dream and fancy, in memory, longing and fear..."

Bhaswati Chakravorty in The Telegraph