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'Photography in Rearview'


"Art is constantly evolving. It travels through time, space, medium and perceptions, constantly contradicting and breaking boundaries. Photography, a relatively recent art form for both ends of the world now stands as a prime witness to time and has combined the old and new to create its own language, different from those we quintessentially experience on a canvas. While the globalized West is institutionalizing progressive photography, the phenomenon has more recently reached its hype in Bangladesh. Courtesy of international trade, China, new media and peer pressure, equipments are widely available and a ‘photographer’ is found at every nook and corner.


Exciting times as such is frequently described as desperate times. Because of its prevalence, photography – like any other creative outlet – faces the same doubt, the same criticism of being overestimated. And it is perhaps because of this very overestimation that triggered photographers Munem Wasif and Tanzim Wahab to take a step back and re-explore the origin of photography in the East and West. A compilation of articles, interviews, commentaries and profiles, Kamra is a much needed conversation on how the art form has evolved over time and found its niche in Bangladesh..."


Article by Sabhanaz Rashid Diya | Daily Star Weekend Magazine

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