SADAKCHHAP : Exhibiting Art in Public Space | Indian Photographies |
"A street. Your work. An audience.

No application procedure, no entry fee, no complications.

Sadakchaap proposes a public art project in which photographers,visual artists will meet at a given time and space and simply put up their work.

The idea is to make the whole process of art more democratic - free from constraints of whether your work will appeal to a particular gallery, free from the motivation to sell, free from only catering to a particular class.
Here is the chance for you to put up your most meaningful work, meaningful to you personally, not according to a screening committee or anyone else, and to gauge directly the impact your work has on a mixed audience, interacting with them if you choose to.

For its first edition, Sadakchaap proposes a space in the city of Pune, right in the heart of the busy market place, Tulsi Bagh. Photographers are invited to come with their prints at the designated time and put up their work for all to see, comment on and pass judgement! "

Date : 7/1/13

Watch this space for updates and more information.