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Michael Bühler-Rose uses western painting styles: still lifes, landscapes, portraits, to enact scenes of Hindu civilization: representations of gods and goddesses, incense, flowers or bharatanatyiam costumes worn by young American women.
These pictures create a dialogue between the Orient and the Occident, creating a game of mirrors and reflections that interact endlessly, creating a juxtaposition of territories. Vision is caught by well-known images: the swiss alps with its wooden chalets, with a young Indian woman stretched out in the field which we later discover was used for a Bollywood movie to represent the Cashmir mountains!
The photographer, born in the United States but raised under the Vishnu god, assimilates the two civilizations in a game of coming and going. A connection that reinforces the particularities, the originalities, and the symbolic forces of these two worlds.

Article by Sybile Girault | Le Journal de la Photographie 

Via Sybile Girault