Public Space Arts Festival in Bangalore : Anti-Clocks, by Maara Collective | Indian Photographies |

"Anti-clocks is exactly what it sounds like: a rejection of ‘clock time’, of regimented sections of the day. The 12-day festival, which began on Sunday with a wall installation and painting, seeks to engage people through time-themed film, painting, poetry and music. It is organised by the city-based media and arts collective Maraa. Highlights include City As Darkroom, an exhibition of photographs shot in print cameras and developed in public venues (as opposed to rented darkrooms) and The Blackbox, a live sound project set up at Russell Market. The public is also invited to participate in activities such as poetry readings and postcard-making sessions – all related to one’s perceptions of time."


Article by Neha Mujumdar | The Hindu


Maraa is a Media & Arts Collective. Visit their Website : ;