'To Conquer her Land' By Poulomi Basu | Indian Photographies | Scoop.it

Photographer Poulomi Basu said she got the idea after reading a newspaper article in 2009: India for the first time was recruiting women to serve in its Border Security Patrol, training them to police the country’s long and dangerous boundary with its archenemy, Pakistan.

“I thought this was something important that needed to be documented,” said Ms. Basu, who was born in India and divides her time now between London and Mumbai.

The merit of the project magnified in her mind as she realized all that her photos might show. Most of the recruits were from impoverished rural areas. If she could observe them not only in training but with their families as well, she would be able to tell the story of their transformation from villagers into soldiers.

“For these women, putting on a uniform was like coming out of their own skin,” Ms. Basu said. “They saw it as a way of gaining some form of independence...”


Photograph by Poulomi Basu

Article by Barry Bearak | LENS NYT