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Making movie magic with Benedict Cumberbatch

Making movie magic with Benedict Cumberbatch | Independent Film |

A Bath film-maker has made her solo feature-length debut – directing Sherlock Holmes star Benedict Cumberbatch.


Susan Luciani, who has worked on a number of big-budget movies including The Da Vinci Code, Prince of Persia and the Chronicles of Narnia, wanted a stellar cast for her own film Burlesque Fairytales – and didn't hesitate to ask some of Britain's best actors.


She assembled a cast including Cumberbatch, Jim Carter, Lindsay Duncan, Barbara Flynn and Game of Thrones actress Esme Bianco, with actors saying her passion for the project persuaded them to take part.

The 72-minute film is set in a 1930s theatre where the audience is trapped inside and have to watch five fairy tales.


Miss Luciani shot the film in 19 days spread over two years, beginning with the fairytale scenes as these were mostly exterior and required a smaller crew to shoot.


"Once we had this footage we could then share it with our lead cast in the hope that that would convince them to come and film with us, luckily that worked."


Miss Luciani is a former Chronicle correspondent who began writing for the paper when she was just 14, and still a pupil at St Gregory's School.


She then went to work in radio but when she met movie director Wes Craven she realised she wanted to make films.


She started making short films before going into the professional film industry as a camera assistant.


"I've been lucky to have worked on big budget films but it can be paralysing because you can't see a way to compete, without studio finance. Burlesque Fairytales proved money doesn't make films, people do."


The independent production still needed more than 250 people to help create it – with Miss Luciani's mother Mirella Luciani Kane looking after continuity, and acting in the film.


In the first two hours of Burlesque Fairytales' release on the film-sharing site Vimeo it was watched 2,000 times.


Miss Luciani has just completed a screenplay inspired for a British woman who rescued 10,000 street children in Brazil.


Once the budget is raised, that project will go into pre-production.


Burlesque Fairytales is online at

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conchs82's comment, August 3, 2013 7:28 PM
hmmmmm....I watched it, but I wasn't sure what was going on. I'm a little leery of posting anything spoiler-like. I am a person who needs a linear story. I will hold off a while before saying more.
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The Makers Of “You’re Next” On How To Make A Modern Independent Horror Movie

The Makers Of “You’re Next” On How To Make A Modern Independent Horror Movie | Independent Film |

Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett are part of a wave of independent filmmakers updating the look and feel of modern horror movies. Here, the creators of “V/H/S” and “You’re Next” discuss making a successful scary movie the lean way.

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Actors Showcase: Scene Edition: Summer 2013 | Independent Filmmaker's Coalition

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Watch: 'Father of Independent Cinema' John Cassavetes Shares His ...

Watch: 'Father of Independent Cinema' John Cassavetes Shares His ... | Independent Film |
John Cassavetes started his career as an actor, most notably in Rosemary's Baby, but ended up becoming one of the catalysts for independent filmmaking — a director who had his finger on the pulse of artists who wanted to ...
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