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Tracking mobile offers from eyeball to purchase

Tracking mobile offers from eyeball to purchase | In PR & the Media |

The life cycle of a mobile ad in 3 steps
SUMMARY: Mobile marketers can best appeal to potential customers by taking into account three steps that take place between when a consumer notices an ad to the time he or she makes a purchase, writes PushPoint CEO Greg McAllister. In distributing the message, special offers work best with location targeting. Then it's a matter of tweaking the campaign to increase customer engagement and push the consumer nearer to purchase while tracking how well the marketing strategy worked.

David Weng's curator insight, August 7, 2013 5:12 AM

This article mainly talks about the influence of mobile phones use and advertising. Also it gives three key elements to attract consumers. The article has mentioned that 86% of shippers will access a retailer's site on their mobile device while shopping in a retail store and mentioned 71% people want to use mobile wallet experience in 2013. These record shows that how is a mobile phone provided and creates their brand loyalty, mobile phone is no longer just the communication device, consumers demand producer to give more convenience and useful programs on mobile phones, it is like mobile wallet.

Mobile offers are really useful tool for marketers. It can attract new consumers and it makes consumers easy to evaluate and identify their brand. I think the target part is quite good idea, depends on location and consumers segmentation, we could focus on the special groups for discount, it will increase peoples motivation and their loyalty to this brand. Closing the loop at point of sale is for people could clearly see and find the shop also the great idea as well.

Overall, mobile phone is now really useful tool for everyone. But everything has the disadvantage, I’m worried that we will lose some of our communication skills. So we have to use mobile phone effectively.  


Juju Jadine Davis's comment, August 9, 2013 10:27 PM
Alice, has basically covered everything, so there isn't much to add. The prevalence of smart phone use among consumers has provided marketers with a new platform to grow their consumer reach, not only to acquire new customers as explained in this article but also as yet another touch point for IMC. Smartphones are an excellent promotional tool for marketers, specifically because of the data accumulative properties inherent in digital devices; easing the often difficult evaluation process of marketing. In my view, the promotional media on smartphones will be effective in the beginning stages but will probably become common place, to the point where informed consumers will just ignore them.
Li Ma's comment, August 11, 2013 2:43 AM
This article tell people that more and more consumers prefer to use the mobile device not just for communication, they would like to use it for payment, consumption, and product discovery according to some relevant research findings. Thus depending on this situation, the mobile offers and promotions become very necessary, this article also defines the goal for them is to attract new consumers. To reach the goal, the article listed three important steps of mobile offers from eyeball to purchase. They are distributing the offer, engaging with the customer, and closing the loop at the point of sale as well.
I think your comment is very comprehensive, and you added your own understanding of this article, it is pretty reasonable.
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Five Things You Should Know About the Future of Mobile

Five Things You Should Know About the Future of Mobile | In PR & the Media |
With the rise of mobile, we'll be communicating and doing business from anywhere.


At the recent Inbound Marketing Summit, mobile was the belle of the ball – the trend considered most likely to fundamentally shape marketing in the coming years. At the conference, I caught up with my fellow speaker Tim Hayden, SVP of Mobile Strategy for Edelman Digital.


Here are five tips he shared about the future of mobile, and what you need to know to stay ahead of the curve.

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How to decide where to optimize your mobile presence

How to decide where to optimize your mobile presence | In PR & the Media |

Determining whether to use an optimized mobile site or mobile applications to increase your presence is a critical choice that marketers face. Here are your options.

With consumers constantly on-the-go, determining the most effective way to increase your mobile presence has become even more critical. The question remains, should you use an optimized mobile site or mobile applications to reach your users? Should you use both?


Following are a few tips on how to best approach this debate.

From the start, it's important for you to set a few goals and understand your target consumer. By defining your needs and customers, you will be able to better assess which mobile option or options makes the most sense for your business.

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