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Rescooped by Kim LaFleur from Guitar Outreach!

Behind the Scenes: Ultimate Ears Custom In-ear Monitors Lab

Todd Lansinger, senior manager of manufacturing at Ultimate Ears, recently gave a tour of our custom in-ear monitors lab.

Via Hugo V. Monteiro
Kim LaFleur's insight:

This was a great video showing how the Ultimate Ears Custom In-Ear Monitors are made.

Watching this video really re iterates why this company is in the for front in this field. Todd Lansinger the senior manager of manufacturing did a very good job walking us through the complete fabrication of the individual ears. He also explained how what they do effects the musician's ability to hear better on stage. Very impressive process.

Nate Haber's curator insight, February 14, 2014 8:19 AM

This video is an overview of the process that UE uses to create their custom in-ear monitors.  It walks the viewer through their factory and through each step of the creation process from start to finish.


Insight:  If anyone was wondering why in-ear monitors cost so much money this would be a good video to watch.  It would also be a good video for anyone trying to decide if they want to purchase in-ear monitors.


Pros:  Sculpted to fit the users ear, personal monitors mix directly into the ear buds,  cancels all outside noise, light weight, highly reliable


Cons: Very expensive compared to the price of headphones or ear-buds (However, much better than the alternative), can only be used by the person they are made for, if they are lost new ones must be made, however UE saves every ear mold they make so a new mold won't need to be made.

andrew beavers's curator insight, February 15, 2014 1:09 PM

this is a great look at one of a musicains greatest tools and how they are made. they are a big part of putting on a great show and making sure that everything sounds right to the performer


Pro: they help the performer to put on the best show possibel


Cons: they are expensive and there are other less expensive ways for musicians to hear their performance 

Scooped by Kim LaFleur!

Portable In Ear Monitor System

Self contained in ear monitor system. This configuration has 4 wireless systems and multiple hard wired mix outs. We can add or take away components as neede...
Kim LaFleur's insight:

I liked this system and how it was well explained in the video.

The system in this video was being assembled in June of 2012.

Even though it was a prototype it was very professional and well thought out. The company behind this system rents and sells them which I thought was awesome. Bands on a budget who are willing to invest in a good set of in ears can either buy this system or rent it.

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Scooped by Kim LaFleur!

My Ultimate Ears 5 Pro In-Ear Monitors!

Here's a little video I made once I had some time to use my Ultimate Ears 5 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors -- they ROCK! I highly recommend picking a pair up! If...
Kim LaFleur's insight:

Even though for the first minute or so this video started off a bit unfocused on the benefits of the in ear monitors, Ashley was able to bring it back in focus once she started to explain how they were custom fit to her ears and only she can wear them. Also how each shell has two speakers designed to transmit a different frequency.

I became more interested as she became more convincing about her own experience she realized from the clarity she experienced while using them.

Ashley also explained that Ultimate Ears were used by over 75% of the worlds top touring musicians and sound engineers.

Overall I want a pair.

Thanks Ashley.

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Rescooped by Kim LaFleur from What you need to put on a show!

Sound engineering tutorial: Scanning and configuring wireless in-ear monitors |

How are in-ear monitors used to send the mix to the band during a live show? This tutorial shows you how, covering the functionality of the Ultimate Ears 18 ...

Via andrew beavers
Kim LaFleur's insight:

This was an awesome tutorial from an experienced sound engineer Brent Carpenter. Brent is the onstage mix engineer with the band Rush. He has 19 years experience. He certainly knows what he's talking about. He goes over in depth the software he uses as well as the how to hone in on the best radio frequencies to use.

andrew beavers's curator insight, February 15, 2014 1:22 PM

this video is great in showing how to set up and configure the in ear monitors so there will not be any interference by other radio frequencies 



Scooped by Kim LaFleur!

Hey JamHub Guy! In Ear Monitor System On Stage

Team JamHub takes you through the ins and outs of using your JamHub studio to power InEar monitors on stage. JamHub studios are the most affordable way to de...
Kim LaFleur's insight:

While I'm a firm believer that in ear monitors are the best for any performer. This video scared me. The opening statement was about how cheap we can make these. I'm not sure I want anything cheap in my ears. The whole video had a real Carny feel. I just don't think I would entertain this system because it is somewhat amateur.



In Ear Monitors are going to help you as a musician hear better in stage which can strongly improve your playing.

This system can help balance the onstage mix for a small band on small stages that have a small budget.

Jam Hub Guy was using Ultimate Ears which are high quality in ear monitors.



Cheap parts have a tendency to break down quicker and could have real consequences during a live performance.  

This system is designed and promoted to be used without a wireless system. This means the musician is tied to another cable. This could be very uncomfortable for the performer. Having an additional cable moving around on stage which causes extra clutter as well as one more thing that can break.


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