Improve users conversion rates and keep your Website secure with GamaSec web Security Scan SaaS
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GamaSec provide small and medium-sized enterprises with simple, easy-to-use, and affordable service solution to protect website again application vulnerabilities.

More than four out of every five (85 percent) U.S. businesses have experienced a data breach, according to a recent study by Colchester, Conn.-based law firm Scott + Scott, putting millions of consumers' Social Security numbers and other sensitive information in the hands of criminals(1).
Website owners are vulnerable to unwanted intrusions by malicious hackers and other harmful code. If a website’s server and applications are not protected from security vulnerabilities, identities, credit card information, and billions of dollars are at risk.
Many companies rely on a firewall to protect their websites from security breaches. Unfortunately, firewalls do not provide enough protection.
Hackers are constantly looking for new ways to compromise systems through unguarded, and sometimes not so obvious, side doors.
Firewalls, IDS, IPS Are Not Enough
Attackers are well-aware of the valuable information accessible through Web applications, and their attempts to get at it are often unwittingly assisted by several important factors. Conscientious organizations carefully product their perimeters with intrusion detection systems
and firewalls, but these firewalls must keep ports 80 and 443 (SSL) open to conduct online business. These ports represent open doors to attackers, who have figured out thousands of ways to penetrate Web applications.
The standard security measures for protecting network traffic, network firewalls and Intrusion Prevention and Detection Systems (IDS/IPS), do not offer a solution to application level threats. Network firewalls are designed to secure the internal network perimeter, leaving organizations vulnerable to various application attacks.
Intrusion Prevention and Detection Systems(IDS/IPS) do not provide thorough analysis of packet contents. Applications without an added layer of protection increase the risk of harmful attacks and extreme vulnerabilities.

GamaSec Web application vulnerability assessment

From the information above it’s clear that most e-commerce websites are wide open to attack and easy victims when targeted. And while the security posture of some industries is stronger than others, the difference is insignificant when it comes to actually preventing a website compromise because intruders only needs to exploit a single vulnerability.
GamaSec's Web application scanner, which protects applications and servers from hackers, is an automated security service that searches for software vulnerabilities within Web applications. A Web application scanner crawls the entire website, analyzes in-depth each & every file, and displays the entire website structure. The scanner performs an automatic audit for common security vulnerabilities while launching a series of simulated Web attacks. Web security seal and free trial are available. Most systems are vulnerable to thousands of known risk factors. GamaScan executes continuous dynamic tests combined with simulation web-application attacks during the scanning process. The ability to validate security breaches & risks against a continually updated service database provides real-time vital business solutions. GamaScan identifies the security vulnerabilities and recommends the optimally matched solution. The fix or workaround solution is identified & implemented when you need it not after it's too late.
GamaSec delivers an executive summary report to management and a technical detailed report to the development and webmaster. Both reports list the vulnerabilities found along with the severity levels of each vulnerability.
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GamaSec | CloudFlare | The web performance & security company

GamaSec | CloudFlare | The web performance & security company | Improve users conversion rates and keep your Website secure with GamaSec web Security Scan SaaS |

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Scooped by Avi Bartov!

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GamaSec Announces Application Packaging Standard-Certified Application for Parallels Automation | Improve users conversion rates and keep your Website secure with GamaSec web Security Scan SaaS |
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