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Learn how to remove FBI Moneypak Virus with this exclusive YooSecurity professional guide. This FBI virus is asking $100 or 200$ to unlock your computer.  The scientific name of computer for electronic computers, is by the early electric calculator developed.
Usually said "the world recognized as the first electronic digital computer" most people think that is out 1946 "ENIAC", it is mainly used for calculating trajectory. The United States is the university of Pennsylvania Mohr electrical college manufacturing, but its huge volume, covers an area of more than 170 square meters, the weight of about 30 tons, consumption of nearly 140 kilowatts of electric power. Obviously, this computer cost is very high, difficult to use. The saying is widely used Computer basic textbooks, in fact in 1973 according to the United States Supreme Court ruled that the earliest electronic digital Computer, should be the love HeHua university department of physics associate professor John o jotham the soff and its graduate student assistant clif · Barry Clifford E. Berry, 1818 -, - 1963) in October 1939 manufacturing "ABC" (Atanasoff - Berry - Computer). Are there will be such a misunderstanding, because "ENIAC" research team in a call mo qualicoat people in 1941 had plagiarized John o jotham the soff research results, and in 1946, applied for patent. For a variety of reasons until 1973 the mistake to be turn over. Later in order to recognize and commemorate John o jotham the soff in computer field make great contribution in 1990, the former President of the United States President bush awarded John o jotham the soff the highest science and technology awards - "national technology prize". In 1956, the transistor electronic computer was born, this is the second generation of electronic computer. As long as a few bigger cabinet can let it, operation speed also is greatly raised. 1959 the is the third generation of integrated circuit computer. The original computer by John von neumann invented (then computer calculation ability are equivalent to the calculator), there are three rooms warehouse so big, then gradually evolved. Since the 1970 s, this is the latest stage of computer development. By 1976, by the large scale integrated circuit and very large scale integrated circuit is made "cray number one", make the computer into the fourth generation. The invention of the very large scale integrated circuit, make the electronic computer continuously toward miniaturization, miniaturization and low power consumption, intelligence, and systematic upgrading direction.
In the 1990 s, the computer to "smart" direction development, produce and the human brain similar computer, can be thinking, learning and memory, network communication, etc. In the 21st century, the computer is the notebook is changed, miniaturization and specialization, the speed more than 1 million times per second, not only operation simple, cheap, and can replace people part of brain work, even in some respects expanded the people's intelligence. So, today's microcomputer was vividly called the computer. The world's first personal computers by IBM in 1980 launch. IBM adapted to Intel x86 hardware architecture and Microsoft's ms-dos operating system of personal computer, and develop with PC/AT for PC specifications. By Intel after the launch of the microprocessor and the Microsoft launch of the operating system development is almost equal to the development history of the personal computer. Wintel architecture fully replace the IBM personal computer in the leading position. You can refer to this guide to remove this FBI MoneyPak virus with the help from YooSecurity experts.