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Henna, often referred as Mehandi is great way to adorn the body with beautiful motif through pain free method with traditional art form. Earlier, women of the family would apply henna designs on each other’s hands. But nowadays, the tradition has turned into a style statement as the demand is for latest in mehandi designs.

Although mehandi art business is not brisk all around the year, mehandi artists are in demand during weddings, festivals and corporate events. It adds a dash of colors to many events. Raju Mehandi art are cashing in on demand for their services lines, swirls and circles into delicate pattern and attractive designs.

Ranging from blossoming flowers and peacocks to musical instruments, customers can choose from wide spectrum of designs. The once popular big and small dots and swastikas have now given way to lines, circles and swirls that turn into delicate patterns and attractive designs.

Designs are changing with changing scenario. Earlier, women wanted only their hands and perhaps feet painted with simple designs which were mostly inspired by flora. But, now with the changing trend, folks want packed, intricate patterns. Few want the designs to start from their knees to their toes and from their upper arms to their fingers. Tattoo designs with mehandi are gaining popularity too. Even the designs have undergone changes as many prefer a fusion of contemporary and traditional ones. Beside this, people are coming up with customized designs

With so many mehandi artists around and each of them having their own specialties and set of skill, it may become difficult to choose best mehandi artist for their special occasions. In such a case, one should plan in advance regarding right professionals. Raju mehandi is one such name that outsources best professionals artists.

Raju mehandi artist are not just experienced but also have pure merit and expertise in this art field. Specialized in all kinds of mehandi designs, Raju mehandi have a board of, for and by some of the best artists that proffers awesome collection of diverse designs developed. Raju mehandi wala are well versed in this complex art and constantly upgrade their skills by studying new techniques and design. Moreover, safe colors are being added to the henna motifs to make them more attractive.

So, hire well trained henna tattoo artist who apply intricate designs on client’s body. Adorn yourself with the temporary body art that focus on using quality henna powder and colors to avoid any kind of allergies.  https://www.facebook.com/rajumehandiartist