Impact of Social Media
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Scooped by Chris Perkowski!

Intense ballot battle runs through social media platforms, and how! - Hindustan Times

Intense ballot battle runs through social media platforms, and how! - Hindustan Times | Impact of Social Media |
Hindustan Times
Intense ballot battle runs through social media platforms, and how!
Chris Perkowski's insight:

India’s Facebook and Twitter users have likely influenced politics and elections significantly, making them the nation’s newest voting bloc.

No party has recognised their potential more than the BJP. In July last year, BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi put together a cutting-edge online team headed by Rajesh Jain and BG Mahesh, two well-known internet gurus. A recent study found that the social media could influence electoral outcome in 160 of the 543 parliamentary seats, where 10% of the voting population uses Facebook or where the number of Facebook users is higher than the winning margin in the last election. 

I think this article is incredible because it truly shows the impact that social media has on us. Many of the voters in this election were young voters who were on Twitter to check the news of the elections. I simple social media campaign by one of the candidates could sway the outcome of the election. 

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7 Elements of a Successful Social Business

7 Elements of a Successful Social Business | Impact of Social Media |

Via Daniel Watson
Chris Perkowski's insight:

To innovate and thrive in today's rapidly changing environment, businesses must bridge the digital divide that exists between those who enthusiastically embrace the technology megatrends of social, mobile and cloud and the majority who haven't, and become truly social businesses.

The benefits of successfully bridging this gap include significant increases in brand awareness, huge reductions in time taken to bring products to market, appreciable improvements in customer conversion rates, and measurable increases in innovative thinking and action.

This excellent article, warns that becoming a social business and reaping the rewards of doing so is not an easy undertaking, but goes on to provide a seven step check list for those willing to go down the path to greater business success.

Cristelyuna's curator insight, February 10, 2014 5:27 PM

Social organization

Angela Balzano's curator insight, February 19, 2014 1:44 PM

This article outlines the 7 Elements of A Successful Social Business.  These elements include 1. Define a meaningful purpose 2. Simplify the user experience 3. Designate a social executive sponsor 4. Trust your people 5. Implement and drive engagement 6. Measure adoption and recognize achievements 7. Embrace change and have fun.

Marketing and advertising has made the switch to being consumer-centered rather than company-centered.  Businesses know that they way to reach consumers is by creating communications and content that consumers want to see or is useful to them in some way.  To make this happen on a large scale, and to strengthen the relationship between business and customer, social media must be integrated in a company's business plan from the ground up.  Social media must not be a side function, there needs to be dedication, creativity, and passion for social communication within the business in order to capture your audience through social media.  Those who sparing invest in social media will surely be left behind and irrelevant in the near future.  -Angela

Philippe Trebaul's curator insight, March 20, 2016 12:38 AM

What is the common thread in the following statistics? Thirty-six percent increase in brand awareness, 66% less time to bring products to market, 20% improvement in customer conversions, 15% increase in successful innovations and new ideas?

Answer: These are just some of the quantitative results attributed to becoming a social business. With dramatic benefits like these, why aren't allbusinesses social by now? The fact is, becoming a social business can be quite difficult, especially without a well-thought-out implementation plan.

Scooped by Chris Perkowski!

Nude webcams and diet drugs: the Facebook ads teens aren't supposed to see

Nude webcams and diet drugs: the Facebook ads teens aren't supposed to see | Impact of Social Media |

"Who do you like?" asked recent ads on Facebook, featuring young women in alluring poses.

Chris Perkowski's insight:

Teens as young as 13 are sometimes shown Facebook ads inappropriate to their age, such as for adult webcam sites, underscoring Facebook's challenge in policing a social network with more than a billion users and a million advertisers. Some of the ads were configured to reach young teens, who were invited to join an app called Ilikeq that let others rate their attractiveness, comment on their photos and say if they would like to date them. Facebook said it approved the ads for young teens because it hadn't categorized Ilikeq as a dating site. It said it has now done so and has disabled Ilikeq ads for those below its minimum age for dating-site ads, 18. Once again I feel that if Facebook is managing such a larger network, their main concern should be monitoring all aspects of what happens within the network. This may prove to be costly but in the end may save Facebook millions in lawsuits. 

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