Immigration and the 2012 Campaign | Immigration Effects on Campaign Editorial |

Assignment A

1. The current presidential republican candidates' immigration policies and views.

2. - Mitt Romney is endorsing a "self-deportation" plan

- Newt Gingrich does not support this, and instead, he promised a border fence to be complete by the end of the year.

- Ron Paul and Rick Santorum wish to increase border patrol and force English to be learned by all immigrants.

3.The current Republican candidates' immigration ideas are unrealistic.

4.He says that the country will "ask [the candidates] hard questions about immigration. The odds are bad that they will have sensible answers."

5. The writer clearly states each candidate's views and plans, and gives past examples of why they will be ineffective or impossible.

6. The collumnist is most likely a Democrat.

7. The reader should have some background information about immigration problems in our country and the 2012 election.

8. The author provides enough information for me to believe him because all of his points are backed up by true events and/or policies held by the candidates.


Assignment B

2. The only rhetorical devise I did not notice to be in use was pathos. He uses ethos when reffering to Romney's plan: "a fantasy of ridding the country of 11 million unauthorized immigrants by making their lives unbearable. The key to his harsh vision..." However, logos is the devise most prevalent in the article. He explains rationally why the candidates' immigration plans may prove inneffective: "In Alabama, farm and construction workers have fled by the thousands; tornado victims are afraid to go to a shelter", which makes the reader see his side.