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Rescooped by Kavish Lal from IMC Direct Marketing!

Social Media as a Direct Marketing Channel

Social Media as a Direct Marketing Channel | IMC2014KLAL |
The old techniques meet the new technology.

Via Nandy Lihandra
Kavish Lal's insight:

The articles provides valuable insights as to how social media is used as a direct marketing channel to reach a wider range of potential consumers. Direct marketing, also known as response marketing, is an effective way of connecting and communicate with consumers in a way that will help improve information on the target audience. A survey done by StrongMail shows that social media has a strong connection with email marketing. It mentions that email is an integral part of social media, and it keeps members of social media
informed about the latest news and updates. Social media is a great way to obtain information on potential target markets due to the sheer amount of information posted on these websites. Marketers gain information on their consumers through these media platforms, these can then lead to valuable consumer insights simply by their shared interests. This enables marketers to direct their campaigns to a targeted group of consumers. And once this information is gathered, the integration of two channels such as Facebook and email systems give marketers a more complete view of their customer and how to market their brand. Due to the amount of personal information disclosed by members of social media platforms, marketers are able to use these systems to create direct marketing campaigns to a specifically targeted consumer base.

Nandy Lihandra's curator insight, May 9, 2013 8:43 AM

This article provided a great insight of how social media is now used as a direct marketing channel. You can see that when you're on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, frequently they will have advertisements for different brands and products on the side. This to me is an effective way of direct marketing, as people spend a large amount of time on social media websites. This article mentions that social media has a strong connection with email marketing. It states that "email is an integral part of social media, as it relied upon to keep members informed about the latest news and updates." This is true. When we think about it, Facebook and Twitter has a lot of our details - from our full name, email, birthday, etc. Within any companies, marketers will always have a targeted group of consumers. This might be based on their gender, their age, or even the things they post up on social media. This is how marketers obtain information about their consumers. Once they have their group of people, they might send out a weekly or up to monthly emails. Email marketing and social media are similar channels and according to the article, they are the top two areas of investment in 2009. Therefore, it is a commonly used channel for many marketers as it brings in massive growth for their companies.

Rescooped by Kavish Lal from IMC!

Television: a matter of hashtags

Television: a matter of hashtags | IMC2014KLAL |

Nowadays we are used to watch television with another device in our hands and to comment what we are watching. This is social tv.

Via มานะ ตรีรยาภิวัฒน์, Freda Lim
Kavish Lal's insight:

Pretty Little Liars’ TV series was awarded as the most social tv show 2013 due to its signifcant engagement online on Twitter and Instagram. Using social networks like Twitter and its hashtags, to interact with a television program is called “social TV”. It involves the use of a second device in addition to the television. In relation to IMC, the viral and collaborative nature of social media and television provides brands with the ability to build brand authenticity and loyalty among users. Thus social media allow brands to refine their segmentation strategy by reaching a narrow target audience through television and vice versa.

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Rescooped by Kavish Lal from Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)!

Sales Promotion Objectives - Kicking Brand Habits

Sales Promotion Objectives - Kicking Brand Habits | IMC2014KLAL |
The objective of sales promotion is to change behavior. Stimulating consumer behavior by getting people to kick their brand habits is not easy. It often t

Via Monique Neeley, Ivy Ng
Kavish Lal's insight:


The article is about creating awareness to change consumer behaviour and stimulating trials to create brand habits in order to increase purchase behaviour. In relation to sales promotions as an IMC tool, this article shows how stimulating consumer behaviour through sales promotions is an important tool for creating brand awareness. Sales promotions influence consumer perceptions about a brand as well as their behaviour to reinforce brand image, enhance consumer brand involvement and in turn further develop IMC efforts in building brand equity

Nikky SIngh's curator insight, May 6, 2014 2:28 AM

going into next week this is an important aspect in IMC as the article shows us how stimulating consumer behaviour is a must in marketing and this is done through high involvement sales promotion. the article talks about brands usual habits when it comes to promoting and the main points that should be focused are create immediate awareness ,stimulate trial ,increase purchase action - stimulate behavior and mission control.- your marketing strategy.

Ivy Ng's curator insight, May 13, 2014 10:38 PM

Sales promotions encourages immediate purchases because creates awareness amongst consumer immediately and stimulates trial to create brand habits. E.g. receiving a free sample of food, if you enjoyed the product you are more likely to purchase the full-sized product.

Rescooped by Kavish Lal from Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)!

Always 4Ever Alone - Creative advertising:

Always 4Ever Alone - Creative advertising: | IMC2014KLAL |
Creative advertising: “ ” (Creative advertising:

Via Ivo L Lima, Ivy Ng
Kavish Lal's insight:

Creativity in advertising involves transforming strategic thinking into ideas that are able to communicate messages to the target consumer market effectively, as shown on the various print material, creativity can be used as a solution to a communication problem. For example, the Simpsons character Marge, is known
to have frizzy hair. In some episodes she is shown to try to transform her hair into a much more appealing look. In relation to creative advertising, Dove shampoo has used Marge Simpson character so others find the same issue with unruly hair relevant and meaningful to their own lives. It also creates differentiation by linking two well known brands "The Simpsons"and Dove, thereby stimulating consumer attitudes and feelings towards the product.

Ivy Ng's curator insight, April 14, 2014 10:19 PM

Creativity in Advertising, takes any medium used for advertising and having an original idea but seeing it an a different way and angle to come up with a unique and effective advertising.

Hyungjin Shin's curator insight, April 23, 2014 5:11 AM

When the communication target has finalized, the person in charge of this communication has to make a core message effectively. Effective message is significant as it makes people to concentrate from evoke intriguing and can lead consumers to buying behavior. Thus, it is important to create a message that can stamp on people’s memory.

In this picture, we can know that Dove is trying to communicate benefits of Dove shampoo by using famous cartoon character.

In other words, I can say Remote Association Thinking (RAM) has well applied. Because, people’s attention or response can be elicited from eye-catching cartoon character; and most importantly, target audience can easily find match or association between Dove shampoo and the character.