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Rescooped by Janessa Bartsch from The power of ideas; Integration across all media!

Social Media Marketing Services: Why you need it?

Social Media Marketing Services: Why you need it? | IMC Weekly Scoops 2 |
Regardless of the merits that the internet has made us less warm –hearted and more impersonal, the grim fact remains social media marketing services (social media marketing 12 essential tips for success

Via Alan Horton, Alysha Mackenzie, Stephanie Tucker
Janessa Bartsch's insight:

Integraion across all media:


This article is really interesting because it expresses a new idea that not only do businesses need to develop appropiate social media channels to ensure that their internet junkie consumers are able to stay in touch in which way they prefer. But the article presents the idea that businesses should use marketing professional to create a professional voice online to ensure that these channels are used to their fullest capacity for example: sales, marketing strategies and dealing with consumer complaints in a prompt and appropraite manner.


To sum up, it's important to expand your business into the online world but how you present yourself also needs to be taken into consideration which is where the idea of integration across all media and a consistent, relevant message need to be used in very aspect of marketing and consumer communicaiton.

JianWang's comment, September 27, 2013 3:34 AM
@Anna I like this article for the explain about the social media as it become one of the major communication channels.
Yunqi Zeng's comment, September 27, 2013 4:51 AM
The social media gets into people's lives in everyday, and it is a very useful channel for the marketers to communicate with the target consumers
Ben Beguely's curator insight, September 27, 2013 6:55 AM

I agree with this article as it just shows that social media has just become a need for people. brands and businesses use social media now to attract target consumers and to advertise promptly.It has become a good technique of marketing

Rescooped by Janessa Bartsch from The Power of Ideas; Integration Across all Media!

United Airlines Continues To 'Fly The Friendly Skies' - MediaPost Communications

United Airlines Continues To 'Fly The Friendly Skies' - MediaPost Communications | IMC Weekly Scoops 2 |
MediaPost Communications United Airlines Continues To 'Fly The Friendly Skies' MediaPost Communications "'Flyer-friendly' resonated in feedback from our customers and co-workers," said Tom O'Toole, United's senior vice president of marketing and...

Via Alysha Mackenzie
Janessa Bartsch's insight:

Integration across all media:


This article does a great job of explaining how the integration across all media channels can be achieved.


As United Airlines created a new campaign they took into consideration who their consumer was and what sort of services would best resonate with those wanting to travel.


Through a multi channeled marketing campaign which implemented tv, radio, prints, ad sports and social media all promoting the same message and slogans including "friendly.." wifi, leg room etc. 


The campaign also used 4 different scenarios that developed the story of services provided from United which had different viewers resonating with a service most suited to their traveling needs.


Not only does this campaign use a consistent message but their campaign incorporated all media channels, and by using most available channels a larger audience is able to be communicatd with.

Lily Tran's curator insight, September 24, 2013 6:20 AM

This article demonstrates the use of media integration to promote a product or service. United Airlines have utilized all dimensions of the media including the radio, newspaper, social media, magazines, television and digital advertising. The airline demonstrated all the friendly aspects of the airlines and in different settings indicating that their friendly service is not only on while in the air, but also during transits from airport to airport all over America. They emphasize their slogan which is “Fly the friendly skies” showing that all of their features are all user friendly such as spacious leg space on flights and Wi-Fi friendly also. This campaign is effective as it communicates a single message and shows it in such various ways so that customers know what kind of company they are. 

Ashleigh Brockett's comment, September 26, 2013 11:28 AM
This article is great and I 100% agree with Janessa that it does a great job explaining how integration across all aspects of social media can be achieved. I think its great how the campaign used 4 different scenarios that serviced traveling needs.
Kristy Leong's comment, September 26, 2013 11:36 AM
@Janessa’s comment, “United Airlines Continues to ‘Fly the friendly skies’” I agree with you that it was a great campaign as they were able to use multiple channels to get across the same message through TV, radio, social media etc. The emphasis in the slogan ‘fly the friendly skies’ shows that they are a friendly business and will do what it takes to keep the consumer happy. Using all media channels was a great way to target a much larger audience.
Rescooped by Janessa Bartsch from Digital Marketing & Communications!

How are brands using audience involvement to increase reach and engagement?

How are brands using audience involvement to increase reach and engagement? | IMC Weekly Scoops 2 |
Audience involvement is the process and act of actively involving your target audience in your communication mix, in order to increase their engagement with your message as well as advocacy to your brand.

Via Alex Butler
Janessa Bartsch's insight:

Direct Marketing and consumer engagement:


I really enjoyed this article because it's a very informal but practical way of looking at consumer engagement and involving them in the production of brands. 


This artcile uses several examples of brands using posts from Facebook or other fan made suggestions to produce their adverts. This could be the future of creative advertising, as the article states that using this method and involving the consumer insight into advertising allows the viewers to actually resonate, which allows further brand recognition and loyalty. This sort of engagement also does a great job and promoting that the viewer is important, as the artcile states that 70% of fan comments on Facebook are actually ignored, the ones that are answered feel more value towards there favorite brands.


I also enjoyed the clips attached and found them to be current and relevant to the artcile title.

Kristy Leong's comment, September 26, 2013 11:43 AM
@Janessa’s comment, How are brands using audience…” I think that this article was a good read and easy to follow and understand what they were saying about the communication mix process. I agree with Janessa that it could be the future for creative advertising as they are advertising the feedback from their consumers, which shows their loyalty basis. The 3 approaches discussed in the article are all based on consumer engagement online, which I think that it’s great to get a variety of a communication mix.
Reuben Gordon Dalziel's comment, September 26, 2013 9:21 PM
Social media is able to establish and build strong connections and engagements from businesses to audiences if used correctly. This particular demonstrates how marketers can use social media as a platform to extend their and improve their brand image. If used correctly, it can be a big part of the overall communication mix and allow the company to interact with consumers through videos, competitions and other forms of involvement, thus building a relationship with consumers.
Alysse Woodward's comment, September 27, 2013 1:57 AM
This article had me thinking; this approach using audience involvement to increase reach and engagement is a very good example of what supermarkets are doing at the moment, New World with their mini groceries and Countdown with their cutlery. Customers send a certain amount at their supermarket and in return get rewarded with a tangible item. This encourages customers to spend more (New World you have to spend $40 to get one mini grocery). For example I shopped at New World and spent $74 the lady at the counter asked me if I want to spend an extra $6 on something so I could receive a second mini grocery, so I did. Because I was encouraged to spend more money with New World I did because I was getting something in return. This had me engaged as a customer as I want to collect as many as possible. This campaign also attracts other customers that don’t shop at New World to change where they shop and go to New World instead. It also engages children as they want to collect all the mini groceries so they encourage their parents to shop at New World.
Rescooped by Janessa Bartsch from Creating an effective communication mix. Measuring results against objectives.!

Developing Effective Marketing Communication Mix | eHow

Developing Effective Marketing Communication Mix | eHow | IMC Weekly Scoops 2 |
If you are contemplating a mix of marketing communications tools then you likely realize that using a variety of communications techniques can be more effective than using a "one-size-fits-all" strategy.

Via Erica George, jaklinissaeva, zzz, Jae Woo Park, Shaahen Merchant, Alysha Mackenzie
Janessa Bartsch's insight:

Effective Communication Mix:


This article is great because it does not focus on one type of marketing communication, it identies 5 steps to develop a marketing mix.

1. Determine who your target market is

2. Decidie what key points are most interested and useful to that target market

3. Figuring out how to best reach your target market for example schools, for school kids

4. Create a communication objective that you hope to achieve through your marketing communication 

5. Lastly identify the tactics that will help to accomplish your set objectives.


This article is very easy to ready and the steps are all relevant to the current study material we are covering.

Elaine Li's comment, September 27, 2013 6:07 AM
Great insight. I think this is a great article in relation to our week 6 coursework because it gives a great develop on how to set up an effective communication mix. In order to implement a good strategy through the marketing promotional mix, there are five steps listed:
1. Identify your target audiences
2. Create your key message points
3. Identify your apertures
4. Write your plan
5. Identify your tactics.
As long as you follow these steps, marketing communication mix will not be a problem to your business anymore.
Swati Tiwary's curator insight, October 2, 2013 2:48 PM
This article outlines the importance of developing an effective marketing communication mix. effective communication with consumers is vital for any business. This part comes under the promotion part of the marketing plan. It is important to have a variety of communication techniques as the target audience for every product is diverse. This articles states 6 ways of developing a good communications mix: 1) its important to have identify the target audience: this can be done by a good extensive research. The target audience needs to be further segmented into categories such as current customers, prospective customers and early adopters 2) Create your key message points: it is important to pin point the key messages that the company wants to impart to the consumers 3) Identify your apertures: it is important to find out the opportunities or openings to reach their audience. For example if a company wants to reach school children then they need to make use of a classroom 4) Its important to write the plan: Writing the plan in a clear and concise manner is important. They key objectives and the plan to fulfill them is important so people have clear guidelines to follow 5) Identify the tactics: tactics are important to meet the overall objective. Its good to use tactics that would appeal to the target audience. Effective communication is vital for integrated marketing communications. communication is not a straight forward or a single dimmentional thing. Its multi faceted just like the market and its consumers. hence it is important to have a mix of different communication strategies to cater to all the different segments of the target audience
Rachel Chen's curator insight, October 3, 2014 5:10 AM

It is a really good base for entrepreneurs and marketers in new startup businesses, as well as organisations who wish to increase brand awareness across a wide audience. It’s first important for any firm to identify its target audience with the use of demographic factors like age, buying habits and any other habits relevant to the organisation. It’s also important to create a key message with the direct information that is going to be communicated to the customers and target audience. This basic process will be the keystone to implementing an effective communications mix and highly recommend using it as planning tool for planning your promotional approach.

Scooped by Janessa Bartsch!

8 Direct Mail & Social Media Marketing Mistakes Your Small Business Are Making

8 Direct Mail & Social Media Marketing Mistakes Your Small Business Are Making | IMC Weekly Scoops 2 |

I reviewed a well-known shared direct mail package recently and came up with these 8 suggestions that will help out every small business.

Janessa Bartsch's insight:

Direct Marketing:


This is a great article that focuses on direct mail integration with social media for small local businesses.


I think direct mail, although seen as a dead end for advertising and marketing are perceived better than spam emails which we all receive loads of every day. On the contrary when we receive a personalised, addressed letter advising us of a promotion or upcoming store event, we tend to take a bit more notice. Direct mailers are a great way of making consumers feel more valued and less generic than that annoying spam/


I also thought there was a greta recommendation about involving social media options into a direct mailers to allow consumers to communicate with businesses in their preffered way. This allows them to take the next steps into communicating with your business in a pressure free environment.

Melika Trott's comment, September 27, 2013 5:06 AM
I agree with German, its the simple things such as not putting the company website on flyers and hard copies of peomotional documents. This is especially important in New Zealand as you say because most of our business are reasonable small and unheard of.
Patrick Wong's curator insight, March 12, 2014 3:04 AM

what a great article explaining the little mistake the small businesses are making with direct mail and social media. often are about not having sufficient information on your social media/ your company is hard to find which make it hard for customers to have an efficient communication with the small business. Small business need to watch out this every little things because they are what make the business to have a good integrated marketing communication. 

Lili Wang's curator insight, May 15, 2014 10:42 PM

This was an interesting article to read as it clearly stated why some small busnesses are not succeeding in their industry as it talked about the factors that is holding them back.  Small businesses need to watch out little things because they are the core knowledge to ways that the company can improve on in the IMC process