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10 Brands That Do Social Media Really Well

10 Brands That Do Social Media Really Well | IMC STUDY SEM2-2013 |

Social media has become one of the most popular trends today. Both teens and adults flock to social platforms to stay social and connected. Fortune 500 companies and small businesses reap the benefits of social media while connecting with millions of engaged and potential customers.


Yet, not all social brands are created equal. While some brands master social media, others are slower to get in the game. Here’s a look at ten brands that do social media really well.



Wenzi Liu's comment, September 26, 2013 6:27 AM
As social media became more and more popular among consumers, it is a good way for companies to communicate with their customers. Companies that uses social media effectively creates customers loyalty because this allows the brand to communicate with their consumers about the benefits that it brings to them and also allowed brands to understand more about the wants and needs of their potential customers.
Cen Xun's curator insight, September 26, 2013 8:14 PM

Those brands are all very familiar for the people, and the most interesting thing is ,I know the last one Jetsetter all through the social media, I was planned a travel to Aus and my friend on Facebook told me about this website.

Not only new brand need the social media to expand them, some big and famous brand also need social media to communicate with customer, this article is talk about 10 famous brand which is also use social media as well.

One of the secrets that those brands gain many fans on social media is always share their news and discount information on their Face book and Twitters, new products and discount coming are all shared trough social media with people as soon as possible , its not makes the customer aot new information quickly, also expand the new product quickly.



Only the Best's curator insight, May 11, 2014 9:15 PM

One sale to a customer who likes you through social media sites will potentially influence many others to buy from the same firm.

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15 brilliant examples of billboard advertising

15 brilliant examples of billboard advertising | IMC STUDY SEM2-2013 |

An innovative billboard design can be very hard to miss and attract attention from miles around. Check out these 15 brilliantly creative examples...

Cen Xun's insight:

Those ads are so brillant, every people who saw those ads should deeply impressed, this article is a good simple for how IMC influence the customer's behavious through one of the most common communication tools- adverting, those ads are attraction, and clearly to told the customer the concept what this ads want to explain. Billboard as the world class outdoor advertising company, they makes advertising not only show the product, but also explain the character of the brand, using very eye-catching ways. The first one is my favorite, and the Absolut Vodka advertising campaign is one of the most successful consumer products campaigns in the world,the slogan always begin with the world “ABSOLUT”, which is the symbol of this brand, and followed by different words for different situation, this board during the picture is a corporation work with IKA to show the NEW YORK CITY lifestyle. 

Joly Yuan's comment, August 22, 2013 10:03 AM
This article brings me lots of creative ideas. Billboards as the most common outdoor advertising have very high exposure to consumers on daily basis. An innovative billboard can capture people’s interest and attract people’s attention. What can cause the drivers to endanger their lives to take a look at your billboards while they’re driving? Great billboard can answer this question well. It should be graphic-oriented, informative, interesting and most importantly, creative. An good advertising billboard raises brand recognition and brand awareness, also has large impact on consumer decision making. This article is a good simple show how integrated marketing communication influences the customer's behaviors through one of the most common communication tools- adverting. This is a good way to promote our brands and increase market sales.
Emily Zhang's comment, August 22, 2013 6:19 PM
These billboard are great. In today's market, outdoor advertising is quickly gaining in popularity; the wide impact and cost-effective nature of billboard advertising is undeniable. They are catching eyes and could help companies increase sales. Because compare to the 24 hour per day exposure of a billboard versus a TV commercial or a newspaper advertisement, these advertisements have a useful life of 30 seconds at most. In addition to this great advantage is the fact that billboard advertising is very affordable than others.
Wenzi Liu's comment, August 22, 2013 6:50 PM
I believed that meaningful billboards like these once can well communicate with consumers about the brand’s personality. Creating brand personality is a good way to increase brand awareness and customer’s loyalty.
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Consumer Surveys: Why are they Effective for Business? | All Infographics

Consumer Surveys: Why are they Effective for Business? | All Infographics | IMC STUDY SEM2-2013 |
Infographic on Consumer Surveys for business for communication purpose with banking, travel, Telecommunications for business to know better about customers (Consumer Surveys: Why are they Effective for Business?
Cen Xun's insight:

Consumer Surveys is an important way of communication with customer, and now, with the development of social media and internet, survey used different way and helps the business collect information and customer’s feedback faster than before. We I download a APP from APP store, I will read the commons below and make sure is the APP worthable or not, and I also leave my common to help other people and the game company, this is a very popular survey during recent years, along with the development of technology, the survey does on the company’s secret anymore, it also show to customer the competition and  weakness of one brand.[


At the beginning of this article, it mentioned that surveys are being asked to fill in by millions of people across the globe every day, and 8 out of every 10 people think that in today’s time the brand listen to the views of their consumers more as compared to 10 years ago because of the increased markets competition. And there are many benefits of communication with customer, 56% customers feel more loyal of a brand after the survey; and 69% of brands owner use customer’s opinions to increase their competition, especially of retail industry, 41% retails get the benefit of communicate with customer, Banking, tourism and technology industry follows with 14% ,12% and 10%, so it is clearly to see the important of communication with customer.

Joly Yuan's comment, August 22, 2013 11:02 AM
I agree with Cen xun’s idea that consumer survey is an important way to communicate with consumer, especially among various social media. Consumer Surveys is based on company which brings individual consumers together to participate in surveys and product testing. It can directly receive customer’s feedback. When company has a new product, it is hard to know consumer’s perspective. Therefore, consumer surveys are a good way to understand customer's view of this new product, and company could adjust marketing strategy immediately or change the way to promote. The survey revealed that 56% of the customers feel loyal to the new product, 20% of them are not sure while 24% of them do not feel any change. In this competitive market, there are less and less loyalty customers. It is clearly to see the importance of communication with customer from the survey in the article. So communicate with customers constantly can retain customer to trust our company.
Emily Zhang's comment, August 22, 2013 6:29 PM
I agree with CenXun's insight. Nowadays, conducting consumer survey is a popular and useful way to communication with customer and could let a business know more about what their target audiences want and need, even something that they do not like or hate. Conducting consumer survey is also an inexpensive way but it could help companies gather valuable customer feedback and input on companies' products and services.
Wenzi Liu's comment, August 22, 2013 6:51 PM
I agree with Cen Xun that consumer survey is an important way for companies to communicate with consumers. It allows businesses people to understand more about the consumer’s needs and what customers think about their products or services. It helps very well for companies’ improvements either on their products’ quality or marketing strategy.
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Integrated Marketing Communications - Meaning and its Components

Integrated Marketing Communications - Meaning and its Components | IMC STUDY SEM2-2013 |
Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) refers to integrating all the methods of brand promotion. Lets discuss the various components of integrated marketing communication in detail.

Via Victoria Hansell, Lucy Lim
Cen Xun's insight:

This article is a good simple for people to understand what is IMC and the concepts of IMC, especially some people not major in business, at the begin of this article , the writer explained the mean of brand communication first ( an initiative taken by organizations to make their products and services popular among the end-users. ) and the writer list some popular way of brand promoting way which include advertising, sale promotion, public relation, direct marketing, personal selling and social media, and I will scoop some article’s to focus on those ways.

Then, the components of IMC list during this article include how identified the consumers and target market; show the features of products and service; customer focus, using of communication tools, promotional tools and integration tools.

In this article, it’s mentioned that “In integrated marketing communication, all aspects of marketing communication work together for increased sales and maximum cost effectiveness". Which means a firm not only need satisfied the customer's need, but also need improve themselves brands awareness and enterprise culture. This is core OF IMC, 

TSZ HA FUNG's comment, August 22, 2013 9:08 PM
IMC is an idea of use how company should promote and communication by change of time. Because of the development of technology, IMC encourage use multi – communication channel to expend the marketing segment and message exposure, also build 2 way communication with consumer to increase loyalty and relationship.
Yunqi Zeng's comment, August 22, 2013 11:37 PM
I agree with Lucy. IMC represents an efficient way of communicate with consumers which gathered many channels that are used in different situations. It build up closer relationship between the consumers and the companies.
Rachel Chen's curator insight, October 2, 2014 10:52 PM

A simple definition of Integrated marketing communication (IMC) refers to integrating all the methods of brand promotion to promote a particular product or service among targeted customers. articles are the easiest and quickest to understand. Integrated marketing communications is crucial for organizations to promote their brand well among the end users, not only against their external competitors but also in the log-term survival.

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What is Branding? And Should Small Businesses Care?

What is Branding? And Should Small Businesses Care? | IMC STUDY SEM2-2013 |
What is branding? This articles answers the question in terms small businesses understand, and offers 4 quick and inexpensive ways to reinforce brand. (The importance of branding for small businesses - nice article but don't forget about signage!

Via Matthew Randrup
Cen Xun's insight:

Every time we reading about marketing, the “BRANDING” are always come out. People who running small business they always ignore the meaning of branding of their business, and this article could educate them well.


This article defined brand as “what sticks in your mind associated with a product, service, or organization — whether or not, at that particular moment, you bought or did not buy.” So Branding is crate a unique identity of a company and makes it distinguish from others.


Some big business remind customer with their LOGO, for example, every time we think about famous fast food, the first thing pop into their brain could be the LGOG, the little yellow star of Carl’s Jr. some of brand remind people with unique package, like Tiffany, and some of them just remained customer with customizing its product, like the Alien series of DELL.


Whatever, a good brand could create customer loyalty of business, now, customer has more power and way to choose to buy something than before, so the brand is absolutely important for a business to influence the customer’s judges.


For small business, they cannot afford to build branding and leave deep impression to customers, the writer give 4 suggestions to help small business crate their own brand

1)        Start with clarifying what your brand stands for. (one thing and one thing only you want your customer to think of)

2)       Audit your marketing materials. (use as much as social media to spread your “one thing”)

3)       Demonstrate it with stories. (use your business story to show customer your brand’s character)

4)        Use colors, symbols and other elements to create visual associations.

Wenzi Liu's comment, August 22, 2013 6:51 PM
This article has given good advices for small businesses to start building their own brand. Branding is very important for businesses to gain awareness from consumers. It helps the company to communicate with their consumers about the value of their product or services.
Shay Narsey's comment, August 22, 2013 10:19 PM
i agree with matts comments on this as branding is an essential part of any product and company. the right branding tools must be used to keep the brand fresh, relatable and one that people desire and want to wear or represent. Often a brand refresh can increase engagement with the brand as trends change and so must the brand to stay relevant
Markus Schobel's comment, August 22, 2013 10:31 PM
This article demonstrates that the in the article the value for branding is high it helps create customer loyalty and is vital with brand awareness it separates you from your competitors.
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Marketing Strategy for the Digital Age | Social Media Today

Marketing Strategy for the Digital Age | Social Media Today | IMC STUDY SEM2-2013 |

While digital gives you the opportunity to reach out to millions with a single click, it also poses a problem: if not monitored properly, it will not be as effective as face-to-face communication. As consumers become more familiar with digital technology, businesses are evolving their marketing strategies to meet expectations.


Websites and applications are now considered an essential part of a brand’s presence. The digital age is making it possible for brands to connect with their clients all over the world and reach out effectively to their specific target audiences. However, with so much reach, it is easy to get befuddled and make mistakes while communicating to your audiences digitally. Here’s our list of top six rules that your marketing team should know about....

Via Jeff Domansky
Cen Xun's insight:

The development of social media and technology changed the marketing totally, this article listed six rules for marketing in the digital age for the people who focus on digital marketing



1)       Digital age means the communication with consumes are not face to face anymore, people could get millions information through one click, so makes the customer see the human side of your service (even behind the screen) but not robotic feel could make them feel customer loyally

2)       Innovation is very important for brands competition, because the digital technologies developed so quickly, consumers are looking for something new with their desire, for example, Apple decided launch cheaper iphone (IPHONE 5C) to competition with other company.

3)       Create an “experience” in customer’s mind. In traditional business, we told the customer the information of a product, but new technology create a new way ,impact them with human’s natural senses, such as sight, sound, touch, taste and smell, to collect information by themselves, and those information won’t be forget soon as they were told.

4)       The world is changing every day, people are changing every day, every brand and business should evolve with the world or obsoleted soon

5)       Don’t forget your customer is “real human”, so test new idea on your friends or colleagues before you show them to the world, different people has different personality, different thinking and different feeling of one thing, computer could not replace it, never!!!

6)       To understand the consumer of the digital age, you must become one of them, thinking as them then crate their desires.


The benefit of digital age is could easy collect information and communication with consumes, even this article did not say something about IMC directly, but we could find from those rules, the whole business could integration easily and quickly. 

Joly Yuan's comment, August 22, 2013 11:37 AM
Nowadays, we live in an era full of technology. Businesses are in order to meet customer needs in marketing strategies. Digital age makes it is possible to connect the brand all over the world with their customers and effectively attract specific target audience. However, such digital communication is not entirely without obstacles. Then the author pointed six rules of marketing strategy for the digital age. To start with digital does not mean machine-like, digital means the communication with consumes are not face to face anymore, people could get millions information through one click, so makes the customer see the human side of your service. Secondly, innovation beats competition. Digital technologies developed so quickly, consumers are looking for something new that can capture their attention. Thirdly, to create an experience is crucial to interact with customers. Evolving with the real world is to ensure that customer can accept. When new technology comes, it is better to get feedback from consumers. Lastly, enjoy digital and live digital is our market environment, as consumers become more familiar with digital technology, so just enjoy the convenience that technology brings to us. Therefore, in this competitive market, within this 6 rules can help better marketing strategies to meet expectations for the digital age.
Emily Zhang's comment, August 22, 2013 6:40 PM
Nowadays, social media marketing leads to increased sales, increased leads, increased brand awareness and improved communication with clients and customers. It is a great tool to help companies know more what their consumer want and need.
Wenzi Liu's comment, August 22, 2013 6:52 PM
I really agree with Cen Xun’s point that the development of social media and technology has changed a lot of the market. The development allows consumers to find out a lot more information about different brands. Therefore communicating with consumers about the value of your brand has become more and more important