IMC - Milestone two
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IMC - Milestone two
IMC - Milestone two
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Consumer behaviour during an economic crisis | Blog Big Time

Consumer behaviour during an economic crisis | Blog Big Time | IMC - Milestone two |
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Penny Liu's insight:

Consumer behaviour is one of the key element for markter! my question for everyone here is what kind of action should be taken during economic crisis? and How does consumer behaviour teach you? and is there any downside of consumer beahviour could casue? 

Azhar Mohammed's comment, April 7, 2013 2:20 AM
A diagnostic approach should be taken also depending on where your brand is positioned. If you are a premium high price brand reducing your prices during an economic crisis may harm your image. Consumer behavior should be monitored but just because one or two customers vent on social media about your brand this does not mean this is the general concensus about your brand. Marketers should focus on further marketing research and better understand their consumers.
Winina Tan's comment, April 8, 2013 7:26 PM
consumer behavior is a very key aspects in market research. not only just consumer behavior but also the consumer's culture, and lifestyle choices can also be considered important elements of market research. when a critical situation arises people generally learn to adapt and move on. when faced with economic crisis they learn to cut down on expenses. as the consumer adapts then so should the business. by creating new marketing strategies to better appeal to the consumer.
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Hell Pizza under fire over condom promotion - National - NZ Herald News

Hell Pizza under fire over condom promotion - National - NZ Herald News | IMC - Milestone two |
Hell Pizza's latest condom promotion has fuelled public anger and brought about 30 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority in a matter of hours.
Penny Liu's insight:

I would say advertsing is one of the key element to consumer in Marketing communication. however, I dont think Hell Pizza did a good job in their markting communication, or maybe Hell's Pizza just want to focus on Hell's pizza did delivery the branding to everyone-  consindering it is fun and invocative marketing campaign for some people. 


Do you like Hell's Pizza's advertsing? Do you find it offended? or you know it os just a way to catch people's attendtion? Will it change your shopping behaviour? 

Azhar Mohammed's comment, April 1, 2013 3:17 AM
Marketing Communication if boiled down to one line that it is conveying your companies and your products message to your consumers. Whether they like it, dislike it, get offended is another case altogether. What matters is are you within your ethical boundries(ethics can be vague)? are you within your legal boundries? etc if you meet these criterias then ask whether your marketing communication is effective or not or is it working positively? Just because your Marketing efforts receive negative feedback it does not mean that its not working but rather you could have generated massive free PR just like in Hell's Pizza's case.
Penny Liu's comment, April 2, 2013 4:24 AM
I guess Hell's Pizza is within their legal boundaries. I reckon their advertising is eye catching for some people and so of directing a new way compares to the traditional advertising . in additional... it just made me is pretty depending on personal perspectives?
Winina Tan's comment, April 8, 2013 7:59 PM
well as well all know and old marketing saying is that "sex sells" but of course in other types of marketing (retail, hospitality, business) the 'sex sells' metaphor is always there but it was a subtle presence. only those who have matured would see the underlining message behind the advertising, and little kids would just see a lady selling a pair of really low cut tight jeans.
of course hell's pizza could've used this approached and avoided this situation. but they were going for something more eye catching and dramatic. to some when receiving this door to door pamphlet would probably get the joke and have a good chuckle over it. but there is no norm in consumer behavior. each and every consumer will have different reaction towards this marketing scheme. i believe Hell's pizza knew this, and was willing to take the risk and the consequences that will follow. My hat off to Hell for this gutsy move.
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Consumer Behaviour

Consumer Behaviour | IMC - Milestone two |
A market is designed for buying and selling of products and services.
It is a human activity to satisfy the human needs and wants through the
exchange process.
Penny Liu's insight:

I would say most Marketing strategy is based on consumer's needs, social trends, desires and understand the preferences of different consumers.

so it is really important to learn and understand consumer's behaviour.  


please do pay more attendtion on the parts where the writer classified the factors into four categories and needs into five categories! I think this is something we all need to know! 


Azhar Mohammed's comment, April 7, 2013 2:23 AM
Consumer behavior is definitely important for all brands as it not only dictates buying behavior but brand loyalty and may affect brand awareness. Social trends are also another important factor especially if your products relate to a specialised group such as teenagers or maybe it is a niche products such as clothing for farmers etc.
Winina Tan's comment, April 8, 2013 7:47 PM
i believe that people/consumers wants to be loyal in everything. they want to stay with a company or a brand; it is up to the companies and brand to retain them and keep them loyal. Maslow's hierarchy of need does provide a very good foundation of understanding consumer behavior. therefore once understanding what it is that the consumer wants/needs the company / brand will be able to specifically distinguish which marketing strategy is the most appropriate to implement.