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What role does it play in Integrated Marketing Communications? - Introduction to Social Media & Digital Marketing

What role does it play in Integrated Marketing Communications? - Introduction to Social Media & Digital Marketing | IMC - Milestone one |
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Penny Liu's insight:

this article explained the role of social media in IMC. the power between consumer engagement and public relations are strong. Social media is the best way to perform IMC concepts such as Communications Tools, Promotional Tools and Integration Tools. it also has great impact on brand focus. Is there any other IMC concepts that i have missed out that you find it really interesting?? share with me : )

Winina Tan's comment, March 20, 2013 10:37 PM
i believe you have the basic tools of IMC already listed. it is amazing on how big the whole advertising in the social media has become now. after the boom and peopling now being user friendly with the cyber world, it is not surprising that businesses and companies are taking advantage. but i think companies are using social media sites as a sort of gateway to fish and gather are bigger consumer pool.
Azhar Mohammed's comment, March 21, 2013 4:55 AM
Very true social media is a big part of IMC now days and a great way for marketers to reach their target audience and interact with them. IMC if boiled down is having a consistent marketing effort throughout all the the firms activities and social media is a platform where the firm can allow its consumers and possible consumers to also be a part of its marketing efforts.
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Coca-Cola VP Talks About the Keys to Social Media Success

Coca-Cola VP Talks About the Keys to Social Media Success | IMC - Milestone one |

Wendy Clark, senior VP-integrated marketing communications and capabilities at the Coca-Cola Co., gave a presentation at the AdAge Digital Conference where she talked about how social media has completely changed the game for marketers. Though she was using her own multi-billion dollar company as a reference point, much of what she said applies to marketers at every level, from individuals promoting their own talents to small businesses and on up.

Via Brian Yanish -
Penny Liu's insight:

Kate used Coca-cola as an example in the lecture. here is the more recently bits which also talked about Integrated Markeing Communications. The highlight of this article is massgae delivery pattern has changed and how it changed. the presentation is really inspiring (


I believed that Coca-cola did a great job in IMC field. Coca-cola successfully using social media to build up a strong branding for itself. 

Penny Liu's comment, March 20, 2013 12:57 AM
I found it really confusing, not sure exactly how to make it right? but i decided to do it on my way...the point is find a way to learn anyway...right? well. so far I am impressed and i think you are doing alright! better than mine! : ) thanks for help out and looking forward to more discussions.
Azhar Mohammed's comment, March 20, 2013 4:38 AM
A great article that shows consumer engagement on coca colas part. Its successful implementation of a IMC program which will enable it to build a clearer picture in the mind of their target audience about their brand. You could also talk about how they are combining brand management and consumer engagement in their marketing efforts.
Winina Tan's comment, March 20, 2013 8:34 PM
very good article. i really enjoyed reading the shared part of the article. and how she knows that there are boundaries in using social media as a campaign tool. one of their best marketing tactics i remember is when they imprint names on their bottle eg Share a coke with Kate. during that time, there were alot of pictures on FB where people have hunted down cokes, and posted it on fb. i believe that was a great marketing scheme. not only did it make people want to buy coke even more than they did, it gave them a reason to do so.
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coca cola's 'share a coke campaign': Integrated Marketing Communications Tools and Media Plan

Penny Liu's insight:

from pevious article reading, I have noticed that coca colas has really strong and big accomplishment in IMC. through coca cola case study - it shows us the elements and tools of IMC. I was a bit confused about IMC concept, have no pervious knowledge of marketing.....


however, this article mentioned how coca cola use IMC concepts to achieved excellence relationship with consumers. highlight of this article also included how massages delivery and received!


too bad the example doesnt have much details. would like to see more examples...perhaps I should start looking for something lack of IMC concepts and how it might affects??

Penny Liu's comment, March 20, 2013 2:04 PM
thanks Azhar!nice option!!
Winina Tan's comment, March 20, 2013 8:27 PM
coca cola is one or if not the most recognize brand in the world. having been around for over 100 years, it has done an amazing job on how they have market themselves. they have been consistent in the image that they portray to the consumer. it is just like Azhar says, "IMC is simply a consistent communication of your marketing efforts" which i agree with. even though people are now being more health conscious about what they choose to eat. coca cola has been strong in following with what the consumer wants, and so the introduction of diet coke, and coke zero. do you think that coca cola will stand the test of time, and become bigger?
Penny Liu's comment, March 26, 2013 2:15 AM
yes, I do think Coca cola will stand the test of time, apart from diet and coke zero, coca cola also introduce new flavor and 100 top names printed on bottle last year. lately they are doing new campaign which is about share coke and music.