IMC Goals and Channel Planning
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The Perfect Media Plan in 7 Steps

Decisions are influenced by a number of factors and a variety of thought processes.

Via Wincy Cai, Holly Adams, zzz
Ying Wang's insight:

The main duty of media planning is to give a reason for customer purchase and improve business image. Because Consumer may define the product when they have the first image of that. So media planning is an important part for a business to show their brand and service to the customers. Undeniably, all of the planning is in order to improve sales and help to create an image. 

Yuhang Wei's comment, September 26, 2013 11:09 AM
@Holly Adams: The point that emotion can drive the decision-making process is true. People might give a product a definition with their first image of the product. So media planning is very important for business to show their image to customers. The article not only shows media planning is a way to demonstrate brand’s information, but also it represent company’s reputation. Therefore all what media planning does is to help brands grow faster and strong. Media planning has seven steps which help a lot to buyers and planners . Good article!
Holly Adams's comment, September 27, 2013 12:34 AM
I thought this was a great article describing the customers emotion towards a product or a brand. It is so true that we (the customers) buy things based on our emotion towards the production. Rating to a want a need scenario, if a customer needs something, there is usually not too much joy in buying it. But if they want something they rather enjoying buying it, we (the customer) experience this everyday and often blur the lines. We do this by having a want and trying to convince our selfs (or the company is convincing you) that is it really a need instead of a want, therefore you have to buy it. Prime example of the emotion customers use when shopping.
Cam Huu Ta's curator insight, September 20, 2014 9:54 AM

Media Planning is the task of a media agency and entails finding media platform for a purchasers or users to use the product or service of the brands. The purpose of media planning is reach the marketing campaign objectives. There are seven steps to reach The Perfect Media Plan, which can help marketers or advertisers make the decision easier. These seven steps is an constant circle, those are identifying problem/opportunity, list criteria, prioritize criteria, consider alternative, evaluate, decide, and evaluate....


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Setting Goals - Integrated Marketing Communication

Setting Goals - Integrated Marketing Communication | IMC Goals and Channel Planning |
Boundless' free textbooks and study tools makes education more affordable, accessible, and effective for students and professors.

Via Kerri-Ann Choromanski
Ying Wang's insight:

IMC is to managing day-to-day interactions with customers and prospects. So it is very important to set up IMC strategic planning to meet budget for every marketing people in the business. IMC has to be considering in financial aspect although it is to improve brand awareness, increase demand of consumers. Furthermore, social media controlling a business, so use IMC reasonable will be really helpful for a business to avoid fade out day by day in the society.

Kerri-Ann Choromanski's curator insight, April 4, 2013 3:41 AM

This article goes in to a little more depth about IMC objective. Even though it is fairly brief, it gives easy to grasp examples of the types of objectives use and explains the goal setting process. This also helped me to understand how a smaller company can have an effective IMC campaign. I feel that now day’s not only small companies rely on social media but bigger companies as well.  Could this because of the personal interaction with a brand or brand personality?

Becky Norman's comment, April 9, 2013 5:34 PM
I think this has alot to do with personal interation with brands. Wether a company is big or small it needs to communicate with its target audience to build brand awareness and brand loyalty overall bringing brand value. Social media is the perfect example of how such an interactive marketing tool can be used to engage with an audience, as that brand now becomes a person online that consumers are engaging with.
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Implementing IMC at lower levels of theoretical models

Implementing IMC at lower levels of theoretical models | IMC Goals and Channel Planning |
This report is about the use of Integrated Marketing Communications in the marketing industry, in particular focusing on the various definitions...

Via Angelina Singh, Deveshnee Moodley
Ying Wang's insight:

This is a very good article and I am agreeing with that base on the five IMC features. The feature of IMC is to help enterprise to expand customer scopes. In this article has discuss how IMC has been implemented, so Many companies are using the concept of IMC to help achieve their target market and create brand awareness to make them getting success.

Fatana Faghiryar's comment, April 6, 2013 8:32 PM
I Really liked this article as it very simply decribed what IMC is and talks about the IMC defination. There is much debate in academic literature over a IMC definition. This article describes how IMC is important to businesses. Businesses should practice IMC strategy in order to build a successful organizations.
Jieyi Situ's comment, April 9, 2013 7:34 PM
This article reports about the definition of IMC, advantages and barriers of IMC and the model of it. It has quoted other authors’ definition which varies. In my opinion, the definition of IMC includes both combining of marketing tools and business process. Moreover, considering the advantages and barriers of IMC is crucial to make it successful using IMC. It also talks about the model of IMC in details demonstrating the “4 pillars of IMC”. Finally, the author has mentioned “Coco Cola” as the example using IMC to make audiences believe IMC will help the company operate well.
Virgilio Lamaignere's comment, August 11, 2013 7:54 PM
This report discuss the variety of models the IMC strategy can be implemented whilst it goes on explaining the advantages and the difficulties organizations may face when doing it. The main points are:
1- IMC can save money on the long run but organizations that are primarily concerned with short-term financial benefits can fail to understand that IMC is most of all an investment.
2- The structural forms of some companies might pose a barrier for the development of an accurate IMC strategy. Generally, hierarchical sets make difficult for the necessary flow of information occur within all of its departments. Therefore, if the brand’s message is not well understood by them all, it will reach the consumer in a very inconsistent way.
3- It has been increasingly harder to maintain customer loyalty.
4- IMC is not only hard to implement and to measure, but it also can be costly.
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3 Reasons Why Your Business Must Be Social - exploreB2B

3 Reasons Why Your Business Must Be Social  - exploreB2B | IMC Goals and Channel Planning |

Social media engagement is not just for the tech savvy consumer. Social media engagement has been adopted by the world’s most powerful politicians; it has been integrated into the lives of ...

Via Jack Patterson
Ying Wang's insight:

It is a very interesting article,  social media become a part of our life. There are some words: " if you are not online, you do not exist." "Your grandma is probably on Facebook by now,. So why on earth isn't your business?" Which means social media is just not only for teenagers anymore, it is facing to all ages of people. If without being notice by the social media community, it is like you have lost more than half of your contact with your client. So if business avoid to take chances in social media, that business will fade out day by day in the society. 

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