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Rescooped by Shani McGee from Digital-News on today!

Twitter Leads In TV-Synced Social Ads, But Facebook Has A Play

Twitter Leads In TV-Synced Social Ads, But Facebook Has A Play | IMC |
TV is still the king of media, but the social "back channel" is now an indispensable part of its ambience. No surprise then that advertisers are hungry for media vehicles that bridge the two.

Via Thomas Faltin
Shani McGee's insight:

Quite interesting to read about the strengths and weaknesses of the two different social media sites twitter and facebook. After reading this article it's become clear that social media in the use of IMC has still got a lot of potential to become even bigger and greater than what it is currently. 

Abbey Davis's curator insight, September 9, 2014 11:28 PM

Not only does Twitter dominate among media vehicles in terms of being able to build strong bridges between TV media and the online social sphere, but it also creates a space where advert impressions can accomodate paid and earned media. Earned media is the emerging marketing model of today. 

Rescooped by Shani McGee from IMC!

Jandals in posters: Saatchi keeps the summer going with new L&P campaign (via. StopPress)

Jandals in posters: Saatchi keeps the summer going with new L&P campaign (via. StopPress) | IMC |

Via Nicole Smith
Shani McGee's insight:

I think that Saatchi and L&P have created a great campaign for New Zealanders! Using different vehicles through IMC they have been able to help NZ'ers hold onto summer for that little bit longer; and at the same time they have been able to let customers link the happy feelings they receive from being reminded about summer and also by receiving free gifts to their brand L&P. I think that this IMC process has  been implemented in a clever and original way! Made me get warm fuzzies and I only watched the advertisement!  

melanie Cottrell's curator insight, May 5, 2014 4:34 AM

Think Saatchi and Saatchi have chosen a fantastic direction with the marketing campaign.  The executed the idea of ' Holding on to Summer" by having customers poster and adshells scattered around auckland with removeable towels and jandals. They work great together as a primary and secondary medium source. 


Kiwis love the summer and especially having the warm weather we have currently, it enforces and remind kiwis of fond fun memories they have had during summer. 


creative director Guy Roberts said that "for many kiwis, L&P and summer go hand in hand and we hope this campaign will help kiwis hold on to that great summer feeling just a little bit longer.”

Bayley Lord's curator insight, May 15, 2014 9:56 PM

This is such a creative way on marketing a brand and product. especially for New Zealand, it is a new idea that has never been done before. I think that using different vehicles through IMC, it has developed into more than just a campaign but has turned into a memory. L&P have differently been very successful in being creative and implementing a more originally idea. this is very good way to market a brand and capture people attention.

Anna-Gabriella's curator insight, May 16, 2014 12:48 AM

This is an example of an engaging interactive marketing communication advertisement. It has evidently conducted in depth market research to identify its target audience.

I believe this advertisement is based around the idea of a typical Kiwi summer and the interests which compel them. 

It is interactive with how they attract attention through the bright and happy colours, also, the posters that enabled the public to pull off a pair of jandals, which then they were able to wear and attach meaning and a connection to L&P. To keep up with the jandal demand they have said they would continuously reimburse the posters to avoid public disappointment.

They are using the element of surprise to catch the public and medias attention which keeps the public guessing and adds to interest.

All around a very well though of IMC campaign utilising all the right methods in order to attract the right attention, resulting in brand equity.

Rescooped by Shani McGee from Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)!

How To Write The Perfect Tweet Blueprint

How To Write The Perfect Tweet Blueprint | IMC |
Gerry Moran breaks down Twitter's 140 characters to help you write the perfect tweet. Combine your interesting content and your personal style with this blueprint to reach more people with your message!

Via Dugguri
Shani McGee's insight:

A good skill to learn! The perfect tweet! So many businesses are marketing their products and services on Twitter, this article show's them how they can utilise their tweets to their full potential to create maximum customer attention.

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Scooped by Shani McGee!

Beer Bar and Pub Business Card

Beer Bar and Pub Business Card | IMC |
Professional modern business card template for pub\'s, bar\'s, club\'s and other drinking establishments.
Shani McGee's insight:

An IMC strategy used to target current customers, and potential customers. Catching sight of this regularly in your wallet will put the idea in your head of a social visit and  a nice cold beverage or pub food at this place! Cheers! 

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Rescooped by Shani McGee from IMC!

What Does Ellen's Tweet Heard 'Round the World Mean for Marketers?

What Does Ellen's Tweet Heard 'Round the World Mean for Marketers? | IMC |

For marketers, the highlight of the 2014 Academy Awards was Ellen DeGeneres's selfie tweet, taken with a sponsor's smartphone.

Via Nicole Smith
Shani McGee's insight:

This article delves into the subject of creating unique IMC vehicles and thinking outside of the box. It relates to organic social media marketing and how important images have become to marketing a brand. It also looks into having people promoting the brand that other consumers look up to and want to be like. This tweet just shows how powerful social media, smart phones and pictures have become in today's marketing world. 

Stacey Pretorius's curator insight, May 6, 2014 2:06 AM

An image of some of the biggest celebrities from the Oscars take by the sponsor Samsung smartphone featured through a tweet on Ellen's page. Brings creativity back to the table for marketers looking for new ways of reaching their audiences. This may have been spontaneous or prompted by the sponsor nonetheless has had over 3.3 million tweets. This way to market the Samsung brand has truly stood out to be a social media success.

Bayley Lord's curator insight, May 15, 2014 9:14 PM

This article shows a creative content for IMC vehicles and different way for marketers to stand out. This tweet shows how celebrity can play a huge role in IMC and how viral images and post can be. This marketing strategy was effective as it exposed a brand and made people want it. By getting people to promote a brand, this will engage consumers from different target audiences. This shows how different channels and platforms of marketing can be powerful, especially using social media.


Chisato Yonemoto's curator insight, May 15, 2014 11:12 PM

I find this is very interesting. How many has this #selfie been retweeted or shared on many social media networks? This explains and symbolizes the most recent successful IMC campaign has ever accomplished. Just the way these people smiled In the #selfie, we sure feel some kind of connection between the celebrities in the picture and broke though the clutter.

Rescooped by Shani McGee from Online Marketing Resources!

Developing Video Marketing Ideas

Developing Video Marketing Ideas | IMC |

Considering going into video marketing? Ben discusses what others have done to make their videos successful and how to develop original video marketing ideas.

Via Pedro Da Silva
Shani McGee's insight:

Personally I love watching humorous marketing ads! They make me be able to recall products that much easier and quicker. In my eyes its a great tool to have in a business. Effective humour in your marketing videos! So many great examples around us! 

Jonathan Chan's curator insight, May 13, 2014 12:15 AM

Videos are a great way to generate brand awareness and have a greater reach to one's intended audience. Although there are a variety of ways to make a video, they key is to incorporate creativity. A creatively made video is usually easily be recalled, thus increasing its change to go viral or its viewership. 

Humour is a good element to use in videos, but does not work in all cases. A good guide to developing a marketing video is see what others have done in the past to generate ideas. They can then build on it and decide what suits their brand image. Other types of video marketing could also be product demonstrations. 

Appropriate measures must be taken to increase the change of it going viral. These includes having a relevant title, using keywords or an interesting description. Sharing it on different social platforms can also further it's success.   

Ooi Jun Hao's curator insight, May 13, 2014 9:29 PM

According to Econsultancy, 93% of marketers included online video as part of their overall marketing strategies in 2013. In fact, the ReelSEO 2013 Online Video Marketing Survey and Business Video Trends report confirms that 80% of marketers say that video marketing has positively impacted their business. As we move into 2014, those marketers will surely be looking for ways to get more return from their video marketing. As the overwhelming market leader, example, YouTube has always commanded the lion’s share of the attention when it comes to this particular type of marketing. 

Source: The Case Against YouTube: Smarter Video Marketing Strategies for 2014 ;
©, All Rights Reserved 

Lili Wang's curator insight, May 15, 2014 10:51 PM

This was one of my favourite article by far, as i personally prefer humorous marketing ads, it's just so much more eye catching and easy to relate to as well. videos and visual effects will aid the process of promoting the product as it will leave the customers with a deeper interest. A creative video will stay in the customers minds, thus increasing its change to go viral.

Rescooped by Shani McGee from IntegratedMarketingCommunications!

“Brandalism”: An Anti-Advertising Movement Led By Street Artists

“Brandalism”: An Anti-Advertising Movement Led By Street Artists | IMC |

An international community of artists has converged upon the U.K. under the banner of a project called “Brandalism.” The effort spanned five days and the cities of London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Bristol, and by the time the crew was finished over 33 billboards had been subverted, in what the group calls the largest ever subvertising project in U.K. history.

Via Mayda Bakri, NeilKelley
Shani McGee's insight:

I find this article quite interesting, as I have never heard of this happening before. Brandalism?! Are these people seen as our 'enemies'. As a student studying Marketing I find it very offensive in a way that these individuals are ruining the hard work of others. Really is a dog eat dog world out there huh!

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Rescooped by Shani McGee from Intergrated Marketing Communications AUT!

VIDEO: 2013 NRL ad campaign launched ‘Rugby League’s got a hold on me’

VIDEO: 2013 NRL ad campaign launched ‘Rugby League’s got a hold on me’ | IMC |
The NRL has officially been launched this morning with a new ad campaign – the theme: ‘Rugby League’s got a hold on me’.

Via Marlen Ronaldo Farac
Shani McGee's insight:

What a brilliant use of IMC used last year to 'get a hold' of new rugby league fans. Branching out from the typical male supporters and reaching out to woman and children! Love it.

Marlen Ronaldo Farac's curator insight, March 21, 2013 4:23 AM

The new 2013 NRL ad campaign could be seen as a welcoming in the new NRL. The new television advertising campaign for the NRL has said by the commission is to focus on attracting women, children and famililes to the game..

The success of the 2013 Nrl ad campaign can be analysed through the Four Pillars Of IMC.

Stakeholders: The stakeholders are the NRL commission, Rugby league players, coahing staff, players families, tv viewers, families, women, men and children, each Nrl club

Content:The new campaign, which features highlights from all the biggest names in the game including suspended Bulldogs star Ben Barba, showcases the mercurial talent in the game and the league's links to grassroots football. The idea is to show how connected the great game of Rugby League can be to those who watch. Showing the good effects Rugby League can have on you if you watch and get involved in the game. It can have a ''hold on you''

Channels: TV Adverts, Social Networks, Itunes- through the song by Jessica Malbouy, Billboards, Footy Show and many more.

The Results: Their were more than 4.2 million people watching NRL round 1 than ever before. Club memberships have risen this year including more females getting to the games. More junior league clubs are producing more talent due to a more friendly safe environment created for grassroots rugbye league.


Marlen Ronaldo Farac's comment, March 21, 2013 4:44 AM
‏@F_A_R_A_C 18m
@TheCroatianBaby @scoopit this is one of the better NRL ads. Not a fan of the song but putting players and ordinary people together works