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Building a Brand - You ARE What People Believe

Building a Brand - You ARE What People Believe | IMC |

Whether or not your business is a bricks and mortar business or a pure on-line enterprise, the management of your brand in different environments and for different market segments is becoming more complex and more important.


Shifting public perceptions now make brand positioning a more difficult task and amongst business owners and managers there now exist a number of mis-conceptions in respect to brand building.


This excellent article throws a lot of light on this changing world and should be read by anyone responsible for brand and reputation management especially in on-line endeavours.

Via Daniel Watson
Matthew Wafer's curator insight, September 25, 2014 11:56 PM

An interesting article on building a brand, with the focus being upon the brands image and position. Successfully positioning a brand can create that of 'monopoly' of the desired mind-space for the chosen audience. This article explains how to express strong and favorable associations with that of the desired target audience. And why the recognition and reputation between desired associations is important to a brand.

Brett Reid's curator insight, October 1, 2014 5:29 PM

Great article on Brand positioning . Brand Positioning  plays a vital role in developing an overall brand strategy. The brand strategy is crucial to separate from competitors and be successful. The depth this article goes into surrounding brand positioning and building a brand strategy is very helpful. The article also talks about micro positioning , something i had never heard of before.  

Francesca Everard's curator insight, October 2, 2014 7:48 AM

Brand Positioning is an essential part in developing the overall brand strategy. It is vital that the brand strategy creates differentiation from competitors to gain success and competitive advantage. This article goes further in depth about what surrounds brand positioning and how to create a brand strategy alongside to support it.

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PR Strategies for Digital Marketers (SMX West 2014)

PR Strategies for Digital Marketers (SMX West 2014) | IMC |
SAN JOSE, California – I had the honor of speaking at Search Marketing Expo (SMX) West for The Cline Group last week on the topic of how digital marketers can use traditional public-relations strategies to build brands, earn ...
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Integrated Communications: Transcending PR & Marketing Silos

Integrated Communications: Transcending PR & Marketing Silos | IMC |
Integrated communications allows realignment of roles & creates more value to address the shift in comms, collaboration and consumption of information.
Peter Tan Ce Shen's insight:
IMC creates value for brands from information that is communicated between its consumers.
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