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What Does Ellen's Tweet Heard 'Round the World Mean for Marketers?

What Does Ellen's Tweet Heard 'Round the World Mean for Marketers? | IMC |

For marketers, the highlight of the 2014 Academy Awards was Ellen DeGeneres's selfie tweet, taken with a sponsor's smartphone.

Nicole Smith's insight:

This article is very interesting - it points out that one of the most successful and memorable marketing moments this year was Ellen's viral selfie, taken at the Oscars with sponsor Samsung's smartphone. It reinforces the importance of creativity in the marketing sector. One cannot merely buy views online, but needs to add a little uniqueness to make it stand out from the other noise and clutter.

Stacey Pretorius's curator insight, May 6, 2014 2:06 AM

An image of some of the biggest celebrities from the Oscars take by the sponsor Samsung smartphone featured through a tweet on Ellen's page. Brings creativity back to the table for marketers looking for new ways of reaching their audiences. This may have been spontaneous or prompted by the sponsor nonetheless has had over 3.3 million tweets. This way to market the Samsung brand has truly stood out to be a social media success.

Bayley Lord's curator insight, May 15, 2014 9:14 PM

This article shows a creative content for IMC vehicles and different way for marketers to stand out. This tweet shows how celebrity can play a huge role in IMC and how viral images and post can be. This marketing strategy was effective as it exposed a brand and made people want it. By getting people to promote a brand, this will engage consumers from different target audiences. This shows how different channels and platforms of marketing can be powerful, especially using social media.


Chisato Yonemoto's curator insight, May 15, 2014 11:12 PM

I find this is very interesting. How many has this #selfie been retweeted or shared on many social media networks? This explains and symbolizes the most recent successful IMC campaign has ever accomplished. Just the way these people smiled In the #selfie, we sure feel some kind of connection between the celebrities in the picture and broke though the clutter.

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Facebook is failing us

Facebook is failing us | IMC |

As someone who relies on Facebook as both a user and a customer, I'm frustrated.

Nicole Smith's insight:

This article is interesting because, as someone who takes part in running company pages, it is obvious that Facebook's system is flawed. So many people use the platform that it has the potential to be a great marketing device, however as Cate Owen points out currently Facebook is not the ideal medium for IMC.


I think the problems listed on this article are be important to consider when embarking on an IMC campaign in which Facebook is a medium.

Beatriz Gorrez's curator insight, May 11, 2014 4:41 AM

This article is very useful actually because I always thought that using Facebook as a marketing tool would be very beneficial to your company since most of the people with a computer and internet has a Facebook page and uses it almost everyday. With this article I believe that it is a sign that companies should not solely rely on Facebook to market their products since it cannot be 100% reliable. 

EmilyTse's curator insight, May 15, 2014 3:08 AM

This article has presenting interesting points that I have not noticed until now. Facebook has become a very popular social media platform, everyone and even companies utilize this diverse platform at their own advantage. Throughout this article the author points out that Facebook is not a ideal media platform for IMC.


Chisato Yonemoto's curator insight, May 15, 2014 11:00 PM

The author is furiously mad how his competitor brands are advertised side by side to his brand advertisement. Oh well, I personally think it is consumer’s choice weather the content of your brand is better than others. Without competitor, there is nothing for us to comment, compare therefore it is hard for us to make distingishment of what makes your brand stands rather than others. And this is one of Facebook marketing strategy I reckon… Perhaps the author needs to think about ultilising other social media platforms since there are many other options are available for him.  Because competitors are always there for the brand regardless of the product in this year of 2014,  due to Globalization.


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Customer Collaboration Tips | Social Media Today

Customer Collaboration Tips | Social Media Today | IMC |
Here are five ways to empower your customers to become your biggest ambassadors.
Nicole Smith's insight:

The more you ask, the more you get? According to socialmediatoday that's the best way to boost your company's credibility! Asking customers to give genuine testimonials and reviews can help boost a website.


Personally I think it's important for a company to find the sweet spot between asking too much and not enough, as a consumer I don't want to be bombarded with reminders to rate or reviews things, however if I'm never asked I may not know it's an option. 

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One simple diagram for getting your brand's social content right

One simple diagram for getting your brand's social content right | IMC |

So you have a branded social media account, and you’re following the first rule of social: Don’t be a dick. Good, but now what?

Nicole Smith's insight:

In this article author Cate Owen, head of Social Media for a New Zealand media company, approaches the topic of branded social media accounts. The diagram that the article is based around is an important one that supports theory within the Integrated Marketing Communications framework.  As you will see, Owen suggests that content posted by a company must be: viral or engaging content, things the fans like, and on brand. A lot of companies have trouble incorporating all three aspects into their social media and this article reflects on how one could go about creating a more natural merge of the three sections.


I think this is a very useful and informative article, that reinforces what is taught in the IMC course about how it is important that your brand has a clear voice that is consistent across all marketing and social media.

Charlotte Rainsford's curator insight, March 12, 2014 2:11 AM

I think this diagram is a genius way to demonstrate or explain to those looking to market their brand/product etc via a social media platform.

In my opinion so many businesses make the mistake of just throwing out information to their 'fans' on the chosen social media platform and only view their content from the point of view of the business. Its important to consider how your content looks from the point of view of the 'fan' or potential consumer as these are the ones you are trying to attract with whatever your offering may be.

Although simple, i feel this diagram is a powerful tool to follow when posting to whichever form of social media you see fitting for your brand. Not only does it have to be viral or engagig content, it has to be somethning that will appear to your fans, otherwise whats the point?! The content also has to be something that fits in and represents your business to ensure consistancy within your brand.

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Jandals in posters: Saatchi keeps the summer going with new L&P campaign (via. StopPress)

Jandals in posters: Saatchi keeps the summer going with new L&P campaign (via. StopPress) | IMC |
Nicole Smith's insight:

As you can read on the stoppress attachment - creative director Guy Roberts said that "for many kiwis, L&P and summer go hand in hand and we hope this campaign will help kiwis hold on to that great summer feeling just a little bit longer.”


They've executed this idea of "holding on to summer" by having removable towels and jandals on their customised adshells and posters. I really like the direction Saatchi & Saatchi have taken their latest IMC campaign. They've used a combination of adshells and posters, both of which I've seen around Auckland city, which I think work really well together as a primary and secondary medium.

melanie Cottrell's curator insight, May 5, 2014 4:34 AM

Think Saatchi and Saatchi have chosen a fantastic direction with the marketing campaign.  The executed the idea of ' Holding on to Summer" by having customers poster and adshells scattered around auckland with removeable towels and jandals. They work great together as a primary and secondary medium source. 


Kiwis love the summer and especially having the warm weather we have currently, it enforces and remind kiwis of fond fun memories they have had during summer. 


creative director Guy Roberts said that "for many kiwis, L&P and summer go hand in hand and we hope this campaign will help kiwis hold on to that great summer feeling just a little bit longer.”

Bayley Lord's curator insight, May 15, 2014 9:56 PM

This is such a creative way on marketing a brand and product. especially for New Zealand, it is a new idea that has never been done before. I think that using different vehicles through IMC, it has developed into more than just a campaign but has turned into a memory. L&P have differently been very successful in being creative and implementing a more originally idea. this is very good way to market a brand and capture people attention.

Anna-Gabriella's curator insight, May 16, 2014 12:48 AM

This is an example of an engaging interactive marketing communication advertisement. It has evidently conducted in depth market research to identify its target audience.

I believe this advertisement is based around the idea of a typical Kiwi summer and the interests which compel them. 

It is interactive with how they attract attention through the bright and happy colours, also, the posters that enabled the public to pull off a pair of jandals, which then they were able to wear and attach meaning and a connection to L&P. To keep up with the jandal demand they have said they would continuously reimburse the posters to avoid public disappointment.

They are using the element of surprise to catch the public and medias attention which keeps the public guessing and adds to interest.

All around a very well though of IMC campaign utilising all the right methods in order to attract the right attention, resulting in brand equity.

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The many ‘deaths’ of digital marketing

The many ‘deaths’ of digital marketing | IMC |
In the last six months there has been talk of the death of digital marketing. Forrester recently mooted that digital marketing is dead and that we are now in an era of “post-digital” marketing.
Nicole Smith's insight:

Is digital marketing dying? With new technology other forms are "dead", like email marketing thanks to newer forms of messaging (apparently).


Econsultancy found that 60% of their new website visitors come from organic web searches - rather than marketing campaigns. Therefore it may be more important for a company to work on their SEO (search engine optimisation) rather than spending money on a marketing campaign. This relates to IMC theory which says that there should be no other problems (product, customer service, distribution) in a company before they embark on an IMC campaign. This article suggests that instead of spending money on an online campaign perhaps companies should first focus on enhancing their SEO and "doing the digital basics really well".

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The 7 Secrets to Shareable Content

The 7 Secrets to Shareable Content | IMC |
There are specific triggers that prompt people to spread a message. Here's how you can utilize them.
Nicole Smith's insight:

I think nowadays the difference between a good IMC campaign and a great one is the shareability - brands should aim to create a campaign that is unique, interesting, and one that viewers want to show their friends.


This article divulges into the psychological side of what makes content share-worthy, a good resource for marketers. 

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Yes, Facebook Ads Can Be More Effective Than TV.

Every euro spent on Facebook returned 2.74 euros in additional Coke sales. That was 3.6 times better than the ROI attributed to TV ads.

Nicole Smith's insight:

I think the content of this article, regarding how Facebook ads were more successful than Television ads for Coke's campaign to reintroduce polar bears in the first quarter of 2013, shows how the marketing and advertising industry has changed over the last couple of years. While Television is obviously still a popular medium that companies choose to run their marketing campaigns on, it is interesting (and not surprising) to see that advertising on Facebook can be just as successful (if not more successful in this case). I think it's quite exciting to be a part of the changing society, where in a couple of years television advertising could become obsolete because of other new, exciting mediums that are being invented right now.

Leilani Verona Steffany's curator insight, March 13, 2014 3:45 AM

I found this article very interesting -  about Coke's campaign ad that used Facebook to display ads linked to videos over three days, which were used to reintroduce cokes famous polar bears.  TV ads were used as well, however the results from coke using facebook were more effective, and only cost 2% of the campaign total cost. We all know TV days are not over (just yet), and TV ads are still effective, but this significant result is showing us that social media sites can very well benefit businesses, small and BIG, and in cases such as this, more so than major mediums such as TV. 


I've always thought that Facebook had a lot of potential in terms of advertising and it's capabilities, as it is a great way of brand & product communication. What I like about it is unlike TV, consumers choose to take notice of advertisements, such as opening links to video advertisements etc, hence the message is taken in more effectively and willingly. Unlike TV ads were advertisement can seem like a disturbance embedded in between a program you were enjoying before the ad break. I agree with the article, Facebook is definitely an effective sales channel but it can only work with 'unique and creative content' and 'excellent execution.' Otherwise it just becomes apart of the blur. 


NayanVallabh's curator insight, May 12, 2014 8:23 PM

While reading this article i found out that Coke's ad campaign about the polar bears on Facebook interesting. Coke used Facebook to show ads which were linked to videos over a 3 day period which re-introduced the polar bears. The ads were used on TV also, but the results showed that using Facebook was far more effective than using TV, and it was also cheaper to use than a TV ad. TV ads are still effective as they are the most watched form of media channel, but this shows that social media channels are starting to become the next big thing in terms of advertising, and is companies are able to utilise social media sites correctly than their business will benefit as well. Facebook is an excellent form of advertising as consumers are able to share the ads with their friends which will give the company more exposure.


Shichi Zhong's curator insight, May 13, 2014 3:38 AM

Communication is quiet important by breaking barriers and bridging the gap between rich and poor. Even though the article did not talk the rich and poor, it give me the idea of communications in the IMC can influence the outcome. Facebook is now the biggest social media website in the world and it has many users in different age groups. TV, as a traditional media channel has been reduced its functions and lost some audiences by competing with social media. Therefore, Facebook now is not just a social media channel but more like a communication center, where every person could deliver their messages to the whole world and every one could comment on the message, It is very helpful for companies and the government to deliver the messages (especially some serious issues) to obtain the feedback from the people. Many politician are using Facebook such as Obama, John Key and other leaders. This is a good sign for social media channel to play a more important role to influence the world.

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You Should Be Marketing on Pinterest

You Should Be Marketing on Pinterest | IMC |

Pinterest's share of social-media referrals soared from .68 percent to a whopping 26 percent in just one year, generating more than 400 percent more revenue per click than Twitter and 27 percent more than Facebook.

Nicole Smith's insight:

As someone who doesn't use Pinterest I found this article really interesting as it does not initially strike me as a medium that could be used for effective marketing. According to IMC, however, those on Pinterest are actively looking to spend money (unlike those on Facebook or Twitter). 


I think this medium would work best with businesses that are marketing products, rather than trying to create brand awareness. In my opinion it would go hand-in-hand with an instagram account, or complement video advertisements.

Kimberley Mar's curator insight, April 3, 2014 9:40 PM

As an avid Pintrest user, this article really opens up my mind to the reasons  certain pins are created by companies by using Pintrest as marketing tool. The facts highlighted in the article are amazing considering Pintrest is not the 'biggest' social media channel. The article states that the Pintrest share of social media referrals rocketed from 0.68% to 26% in the time frame of only 1 year. The social media channel generated 400% more revenue per click of the mouse than Twitter and 27% more revenue than Facebook! This shocks me because Facebook and Twitter are much more well known social media channels compared to Pintrest which is only a recent discovery for me, which I established from my friends's account. I was mesmerized by the ability to electronically hoard images and am always 'pinning' everyday. I enjoy Pintrest because there is ALWAYS some new to see and be engaged in, compared to Facebook where you keep refreshing your news feed to find the same images. The article states the by using the social media channel: Pintrest, it increases the likelihood of purchase for the company. It is a free marketing channel so why not take advantage of it? The figures claim that shoppers referred by Pintrest are 10% more likely to go through with the purchase than viewers from other social-networking sites. It is important for marketers to understand how to engage their potential customers through Pintrest in order for them to follow up on the purchase. Rather than just pinning images of what the company provides there are more options to create with your pin in order to fully engage and retain the audience. It is important for companies to understand that their members of the social-media audience are there to be connected with and to learn about the product offerings rather than to be pitched or sold too. This is a key fact to consider as a company so that they can successfully attain the audience and transform them into customers. In order to do so, they need to offer creativity and value through their pins by incorporating the use of humour, interesting facts, statistics and advice. Pintrest is ideally about engaging the consumer via the use of the senses. It is important for the company to create visuals that are appealing to the eye and use words to stimulate the viewer's imagination. This ties into another social media channel, Instagram, where companies use the channel to create brand awareness through images by including visuals and wording to engage consumers. In order for companies to successfully establish and use their Pintrest account, they need to consider the reasons for the incorporation of their pins. There needs to be thought behind why they created the pin. Some examples that companies can include are: info-graphics (facts about their industry, consumer habits and information about their product or service to initially inform new users and create awareness.) Also the use of images that evoke images is key through using enticing words and phrases to engage the senses of the viewers e.g. food pins would incorporate words like "succulent" and "mouth-watering" to make the viewer feel hungry which is established through the senses. Other beneficial pins that companies could produce to engage customers would be the use of videos and tutorials about DIY and insights into the production process of their goods. The use of videos is one of the highest forms of engagement on Pintrest as it is incorporating numerous images together. Also the use of call to action is important to incorporate in their pins e.g. providing a promotion code over an image, directly linking the viewer to the site where the sale occurring. This form of marketing has said to increase engagement by 80% through the use of 'click here' or 'repin this' as it entices the consumer to get involved and excite them about the possibilities of winning a competition or being linked to an online sale. These links to the site are vital and it provides an easy way for viewers to be exposed to the full experience of the company and hopefully pursuing the purchase that they have been waiting for. 

Freda Lim's curator insight, May 15, 2014 5:58 PM

As a Pinterest user myself, I believe it is one of the possible social media platforms businesses should be marketing on. However, there are a few things to keep in mind that in order to be recognized or seen,  image content should at least have a logo or brand name associated with the hashtags or within the picture itself. This way when people scroll through and see what they like, they tend to try and figure out where to get it from.  I'm one of those  curious users too. That way, it's a better way to increase brand awareness and receive  an increase in consumers. 

Bayley Lord's curator insight, May 15, 2014 8:41 PM

I found that as a user of pinterest, I am always on the platform just to look and get ideas for certain services and products. I found this article very interesting as I didn't think businesses use this medium as an effective marketing because I personally thought it was just people posting pictures and products they like or are interested in, but i guess this is how people get the ideas and go purchase the products. 


This platforms is actually a good IMC because it engages consumers and gives options of what products or services to buy. for brand awareness i don't believe pinterest would be that effective because there are so many photos and different pins, that one brand might get over looked and forgotten about. where as a product could be displayed in different ways and maybe not by the same company.