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The Top 10 Most Remarkable Marketing Campaigns EVER [Slideshow]

The Top 10 Most Remarkable Marketing Campaigns EVER [Slideshow] | IMC |
SlideShare presentation of our list of the top 10 most remarkable marketing campaigns ever -- and why they deserve a look.
Leonid Bondarev's insight:

The world if full of inspiring marketing complains.  Companies like Nike (Just do it) and McDonalds (Loving It) made their slogans so popular when said out of content the company logo or name immediately pops into your head.  Now that is success!
This article or blog to be more exact features 10 more examples of “Remarkable Marketing Campaigns”. Most of the i love and know very well.  The question i keep asking myself is; what is the recipe for a successful campaign, what do these campaigns all have in common?!
The fact remains that all of them are bright and attention grabbing but there are plenty of visually attractive complains out there, why are they not so successful. The answer came with my privies post well they all have 3 things in common; they all are aligned with their company’s stars (Vision, mission and brand personality) in every ascent of the communicated massage.   They all inspire action, in Burger Kings case; you have ‘sacrifice 10 friends” to get a free burger.  Lastly the sense of urgency or action happening now is definitely present in every campaign!  BK is on fire, Elf yourself was done on XMAS and the MINI box is just right there in your immediate environment in the rubbish. (-: Superb! 

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Creating an Emotional Bond With Consumers

Creating an Emotional Bond With Consumers | IMC |
How marketers and brands can be BFFs with their customers.
Leonid Bondarev's insight:

This is a great article as it brings direct marketing and consumer engagement back to the basics making easy to comprehend.
The companies wanting to be BFF (Best friends forever) with their clients (Stakeholders) is a great way to approach marketing and engagement.  This made me think of my personal social networking and content sharing experiences and I would like to share it;

I love traveling and taking pictures with my DSLR and phone alike, although I had a Facebook account I was reluctant to add pictures for some time… (no particular reason why).

A girl i liked was using instagram and always talking about it… so I thought ill download it so I can see what see is up and post some of my stuff pictures from b4. I have 100 of great pics all over the world so i posted a dozen or so as I signed up… The response I got was not what I expected… not only I got this girls attention I had my X’s and people I didn’t know wanting to be friends and enquiring about my life.

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Barclays misled shareholders on investment: Panorama - Telegraph

Barclays misled shareholders on investment: Panorama - Telegraph | IMC |
The banking giant is to come under the spotlight on Monday over allegations it misled shareholders over the source of funds which averted its need for a bail-out at the height of the financial crisis.
Leonid Bondarev's insight:

Where Barclays made a logistical mistake or conducted deliberate misleading action will be decided by the investigation.
But the fact that this issue was found ‘berried in the fine print’ and brought to the media affected ALL the banks Stakeholders and diminished the banks equity. If I was consumer/customers in Barclays I would be worried of keeping my money in a bank that makes mistakes and conducts shady transactions. The employees self-identity with the bank might be damaged and demotivate them from performing their job in the best manner. Businesses (as clients and as investors) may want to steer clear of a bank that is possibly under investigation with new clients choosing the competitor and current clients leaving to do business with a bank that has no controversy around it in media.

Lastly the Brand equity of Barclays has been seriously undermined by this publication in The Telegraph firstly the series accusation and consequences mentioned above and secondly the fact that the article is reminding (Article date 11 Feb 2013) people of the banks series financial problems in 2008.

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Never Considered a Cruise – Here’s Why You Should Think Again

Never Considered a Cruise – Here’s Why You Should Think Again | IMC |
A luxury cruise is one of life’s pure joys.
Leonid Bondarev's insight:

There are huge numbers different marketing communication channels online and each is trying to be innovative and different. Sometimes you just end up on an article you were not really looking for and something like the cover picture of the title might appeal to you and you will end up reading it... Later to find that the article actually serves a different purpose to what you originally thought it would.
Initially i thought this would be an article that will talk about benefits of cruise nine, its safety comfort and vast amount of activities in a centralised location. But no, this was actually an article to promote a cruise line sales agent Vacations To Go’s, and this information only appears in the and by the time you get to it you have such a high desire to go on a cruise as the article builds a very vivid image of what it would be like to go on one you just can’t resist the temptation of checking out the highly discounted offers that might dive you that dream holiday, I know I couldn’t. 

Neshalin Naidu's comment, August 22, 2013 3:42 AM
Leonid I think you have experienced consumer engagement first hand! A very interesting post, especially with the listing of your personal observations like the vivid imagery and how it drew you into the article. After reading the article I can relate to what you have posted.
Mahmood Shiblaq's comment, August 22, 2013 4:02 AM
I like your description of how this article alone engaged you Leonid, the mention of 5 star luxury at an affordable price is something extremely tempting. I think Vacations To Go is clever as it has looked at a problem that many consumers face: affordability and it has used a concept that is already in use for Airlines. For example Grab a Seat in New Zealand uses a similar system where consumers can pick up cheap flights to cover empty seats on planes. With the widespread use of the internet it is now very easy to solve many problems that consumers may face.
Lucy Lim's comment, August 22, 2013 7:58 AM
Great article choice. I must admit luxuries like these costs a fortune to get but from sales agents like these gives the opportunity to people without the budget to afford it at low prices. Like Mahmood, Grab a Seat is a great example where New Zealanders have the opportunity to buy flight seats at affordable prices. It is a clever idea as it not only gives consumers services at significantly low prices but also covers empty seats for airlines. It is a Win-Win process where both the customer and business get something out of it.
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Samsung outlines its vision and strategies for Asia

Samsung outlines its vision and strategies for Asia | IMC |
The Korean company plans to win the hearts of Asian consumers with "Made for Asia" products and localized content.
Leonid Bondarev's insight:

In the above article Samsung (Gregory Lee, President and CEO of Samsung Asia) comuicaes 2 macro concepts to the asian marcetplace. One is its Samsungs vission and understanding for the asian marketplace and its consumer. Secondly it compaits its new refregirator plus smart TV and highlights its pereriority to the competitors (LG and Sony) at the same time promoting the new product.

Samsung clearly outlines its vission by talking about what is important to the corporation: Expantion into new markets- creating new LED lighting and medical devices. Inovation- combining new technologies and integrating serveses intot their Tvs. But maily samsung is there to cater for the customer, it is trying to acive this by providing customers with better retail experiences, customising its electronic content and generaly making the best customised product to fit all the needs of the cunsumer in the Asian marketplace.

In conslusion; Has this comunication benefited Samsung? Well, yes. This article has made me more interested in Samsung as a company and more in its product. I even went to goodle the new refrigirator (information search) which is the fors step to purchasin the product. 

Leonid Bondarev's comment, August 20, 2013 12:47 AM
What do you think? Will this article create short term financial returns and raise long term brand value?
Mahmood Shiblaq's comment, August 22, 2013 3:24 AM
I agree with Leonid, I think being first on the market will definitely boost sales for the chosen products and will most likely raise long-term brand value because consumers will always remember Samsung as being the first brand to market these products. The innovation that is present here is great as it gives consumers a bright outlook for the future as these products become more mainstream and affordable. I like the idea of the 'made for Asia' products because it targets specific audience based on their behaviour. For example the new RT38 refrigerator could be suited for Asian customers due to the way they store their food or how long they store it there for or even what they keep in there. I found it interesting in the promotional video that cosmetics can be stored in the refrigerator, I for one have never done or seen anyone do this however it makes sense that others would, so for Samsung to pick up on and solve this issue is great for those who have this problem. Overall I admire Samsung's innovation and I believe this is what will continue to improve their brand image as leading provider of electronics and appliances.
Lucy Lim's comment, August 22, 2013 7:02 AM
I believe there would be mixed emotions and perceptions between people. Agreeing with Mahmood, this will most likely create an increase in sales for certain products in the Asian market. It is understandable why Samsung is focusing on the Asian market, obviously because the market is very large and are tend to adapt to new high tech technology faster. Samsung White wares, Tv’s or Audio systems are likely to be in competition with other competitors such as LG and Sony. It could probably be the reason why they are focusing on the Asian market to beat their competition by setting a future overview of soon-to-be released products. Samsung seems to be creating products that are far more advanced than other brand products and I believe they are doing well in the market.
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7 Effective Call-to-Action Examples and Why They Work

7 Effective Call-to-Action Examples and Why They Work | IMC |
If you’re trying to get more leads and sales from your website and blog, the first thing to consider is your calls-to-action. Strengthening the call-to-action (CTA) on any given page or post often m
Leonid Bondarev's insight:

After reading this article it became apparent how a paradigm shift in direct marketing effected CTA (Call to action) to consumers.  Wikipedia call to actions as banners or a button that will lead consumers down the conversion tunnel.  The article talks about the key element of a successful CTA, some of them are: Number one in the article and i believe the most important too is “alignment” whether to the content of the digital media and the stars (Vision, mission and personality).  The why what and how is important in this case to inspire action in the targeted audience. (TED video  Secondly it’s creating Value in the customer, a great example of this in my previous blog (5 Big Brands Confirm that content Marketing is the key to your consumer).  The last but not least is creating a sense of urgency – it could be a dead line or a sense of competitiveness, a great example everyone can relate to is the Australians Tourist Department “The Best Job in the World” complain.

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5 Big Brands Confirm That Content Marketing Is The Key To Your Consumer

5 Big Brands Confirm That Content Marketing Is The Key To Your Consumer | IMC |
Image sourced from Daily Blogma 2012 has been the year of growth for content marketing. Brands have begun to embrace the discipline as a vital part of their overall strategy.
Leonid Bondarev's insight:

I loved this article! The ideas that the top 5 companies are using are great and are getting good response for them. 
The fact that Virgin Mobile Live is getting good response on its own is superb! But it is obviously a support median for the greater Virgin Empire. Very similar by using music as a content medium L’Oreal and American Express are promoting their brand with great response.

The above are examples of large corporation competing for attention from mostly similar audiences. I wanted to add that this way of marketing is not only for the large budgets corporations; a great idea can spread from one media channel to be the hot topic of conversation all over the world much like wild fire. Much like the susses of PSY and their Gangnam Style music video. It went from a video on you tube to parodies on cartons like South Park, featured on News and TV show, accessories like t-shirt made by 3rd party manufactures just because of the massive popularity of PSY.

Leonid Bondarev's comment, September 30, 2013 10:16 PM
Just rewording the 5 Tips from the article for strategizing for success across all media channels:
1: Focus on existing customers as well as prospects. It can help emphasise the stars(Vission) of the company for the stakeholders)
2. Do not just use response tactics to help put the companies in a good light, innovate and educated through leadership.
3. Don’t use just once channel. AMPLIFY your communications.
4. Do not hold funds back on the right resources.
5. The last one is perfect “Stay honest and true to the brand”!!!
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The True Measure of Business Success

The True Measure of Business Success | IMC |
As a new entrepreneur, it can be hard to evaluate your efforts—you no longer have a boss or an upcoming performance review to tell you how you're doing. Here's our advice on the best way to measure your success.
Leonid Bondarev's insight:

This is a great Forbes article; it makes you think about different ways different companies and people view and measure success. Is success meeting your set goals eg braking even when by the date you planed to or is it exceeding all expectations financial returns? Or maybe it’s overwhelming customer satisfaction or great reviews of your product/cervices by 3rd parties? Some companies or should I say people running them are highly competitive and they only feel like they succeed only when other lost, so in their eyes success will be overtaking in market share, in volumes sold and in profits profits profits...
Some on the other hand want to know more about their industry, clients and themselves. They love the product or service that they offer and believe it will change and help those who use it is a positive way.

For me success is probably the understanding that im creating value and offering the market the best possible product i can while constantly learning about all that is important to me. Where the bottom line and profits are only a yard stick...
What is Success to you?!

Mahmood Shiblaq's comment, August 22, 2013 9:36 PM
It is a great article, a theme that i have found is recurring when talking about success is always "why?". Based on all the articles I've read it always ends up with needing to ask the question "why?", many marketers fall into the trap of asking their customers 'yes or no' questions and all that gives you is numbers and not really any inspiration into strategy. For me success is knowledge, knowing where your brand stands against competitors, knowing why your consumers are buying your products and lastly knowing where your brand will take you in the future. This article is a must read for any entrepreneur or business minded person. Good find Leonid!
Scooped by Leonid Bondarev!

Chrysler keeps 'Imported from Detroit' tagline

Chrysler keeps 'Imported from Detroit' tagline | IMC |
DETROIT -- Chrysler on Wednesday said that it is sticking with its 'Imported from Detroit' tagline despite reports in recent days suggesting it is backing away from the campaign that debuted in 2011.
Leonid Bondarev's insight:

 The new Chryslers emotionally spurring and patriotic marketing complain bring in new buyers and revives brand image.

Emotional branding is on of the strongest advertising tools marketers use to place a brand not only in the head of the consumer’s but also in the hearts. This complains appealed to the patriots by tying in industrial America ruggedness and innovation to the new Chrysler c300 (and Chrysler brand).

If we look at brand identity and brand symbols used in the commercial. What images and semantics does Chrysler use and what do they represent and how do they make us feel. 

The deep voice and numerous industrial plants give us the feeling of rigidness, built quality and power. Chrysler piked Eminem to represent its brand an new car, aligning his personality and to their brand image.

This parallel in our minds is drawn between image and brand instantaneously, but as marketers (brand representatives) it is crucial we think through every concept of communicated information.

Neshalin Naidu's comment, August 21, 2013 9:31 PM
Great example of how the Chrysler brand uses emotional stimuli to provoke reactions from their target consumers! Using a spokesperson like Eminem that conveys a certain personality to the car and vivid visual imagery does tend to stir a number of emotions. I particularly like how you mentioned that the deep voice and numerous industrial plants convey a feeling of rigidity. Great post Leonid!
Mahmood Shiblaq's comment, August 22, 2013 3:41 AM
In relation to the original 'imported form Detroit' ad I think it is very well done and I am not surprised that this campaign won so many awards and boosted brand value and sales. There were a couple ways in my opinion that caused this ad to be so successful and spur the emotions of the Americans. The first is the placement of the Ad; The 'Super bowl' this is the most watched event all over the world and watched by almost every single American therefore reach would have been at it's maximum. Secondly the choice of Eminem as Leonid described was spot on because the perceived rugged and strong yet elegant persona of Eminem is what they are trying to present about their brand. Overall Chrysler have done a great job with their strategy to really cement itself in the minds and hearts of Americans, and it is crucial that they keep the tagline 'imported from Detroit' to carry on with this consistency.
Lucy Lim's comment, August 22, 2013 6:49 AM
This is a good example of using emotional appeal to their targeted market. I believe Americans tend to be very patriotic and have a lot of pride with American brands. I believe the ad was trying to point out that Chrysler is an American brand and not an overseas import. Ironically putting this ad on the Super Bowl where nearly everyone in America would watch would have significant effect in marketing. To cut everything short, by putting an American brand on during an American sports commercial break showing an American slogan and an American rapper easily shows what they are trying to achieve.
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Starbucks: Loyalty Program Misfire

Starbucks: Loyalty Program Misfire | IMC |
Starbucks is a firm with brilliant marketing... they have built an amazing global brand. They understand sensory branding, and have tailored their store aroma for maximum benefit.
Leonid Bondarev's insight:

Every action a company takes comunicates change in every espect of its business. The above article is about Starbucks and how their loyalty program demishished loyalty in their customers.
How; as consumption habitsed changed the amout of benifits the customers recived droped. 

Loyalty is a very complex subject its all about give and take, this is very hard to mange as this is very closely linked to emotions and thycologies of people. 

The article compared these loyalty program to the airlines bonus programs... are they just in doing so?! I thik the level in involvment of purchasing coffee and air tickets is different. The market for substitues is also a lot bigger of coffee baced products.


Brand equity.
Has brand Equity been affected in terms of loyalty, yes. What about commitment, yes. Consumer reference, yes. If brand equity is corelated to revenues and returnes on shares. The conclusion is that a companys need to think long and hard about the staps that they take and the pocible array of consequenses before inplementation. 

Neshalin Naidu's comment, August 22, 2013 3:47 AM
I happened to read this article while curating my own collection. I found it very intriguing with its in depth explanation on consumer loyalty. Starbucks did seem to have a mishap with their programme that managed to cause quite a stir with their existing customer base. The tips and information on how to possibly rectify this situation were also given which I thought was a great addition. Excellent post Leonid!
Mahmood Shiblaq's comment, August 22, 2013 4:45 AM
I agree with you Leonid on the subject of comparing airline rewards to coffee rewards, your right in regards to the concept of high and low involvement products which is why Starbucks should not have used the demotion system in the same way. There are many other substitutes for coffee and Starbucks should tread very carefully when it comes to upsetting customers. Many customers will now carry a negative recall from their experience and it will be interesting to see if any of the competition will pounce on this issue to lure customers away from Starbucks to their respective business.
Lucy Lim's comment, August 22, 2013 7:15 AM
This is a very interesting article where a small change in a brand could cause to stir up a lot of upset customers. For this case it is quite amusing; to stay a Gold member you must consume more and more every time to stay a Gold member. I do understand there are quite a lot of coffee fanatics, but this is beyond encouraging people to drink more coffee. You would already drink quite a lot of coffee if you are already a Gold member, but to stay a Gold member you have to drink more? The use of the demotion system is more than likely to cause Starbucks’s hard earned loyal customers to look for other alternative coffee shops.