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9 Small Business Twitter Marketing Examples to Study | Social ...

Management at the Roger Smith Hotel, a small boutique hotel in Manhattan, knew they had to find a way to stand out, so they turned to social media marketing. roger smith discount tweet. Reward Twitter followers with special ...

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Email Marketing Vs. Marketing Automation | DMX-Direct

Email Marketing Vs. Marketing Automation | DMX-Direct | IMC |

Key excerpt...


With Email Marketing, every email subscriber on your list is going to receive the same email at the same time. Email marketing can be effective, but it’s very limited and short-sighted. You can track opens and clicks all day, but what do you really learn about your prospects’ interest levels?


Marketing Automation eliminates the need to sift through data to find quality and closeable leads. Prospects who respond to marketing materials are scored and nurtured accordingly; and the entire process is completely automated. Marketing Automation even allows you to send a given email at the time that your prospect is most likely in their inbox. Sales productivity and marketing effectiveness increase and time and money are saved. Furthermore, Marketing Automation allows marketers to know exactly where their efforts are paying off; where they may be falling short, then be nimble with adjusting accordingly.


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Juan Pablo's insight:

Same folder, different topic. 

Reuben Gordon Dalziel's curator insight, September 26, 2013 5:28 PM

This article highlights the difference between email marketing and marketing automation and why they are both important. First of all, both are key ingredients of communication mixes as it allows marketers to communicate with consumers on a personal level since they are sending them what seems like personal emails but they are the same for everyone receiving the email. This is why marketing automation systemscan be better since you do not have to spend extra time and money sorting out the emails and classifying what part of marketing research they should be added to. Automation systems link the emails to the research automatically by recording who opened the email and responses generated from them which is very useful for marketers as they advertise and plan different marketing campaigns.


Amy Davidson's comment, September 26, 2013 5:50 PM
I agree with Reuben in his decision that automation systems are a better alternative to emails. Personally I find it a hassle to go through unwanted emails and delete or redirect them, same goes for deleting them from spam. Marketers should be more involved in sending emails to only those who are interested through automated systems, and focus more on social media too.
Mehnaz Shama's comment, September 26, 2013 6:27 PM
I find this to be an interesting take on the common idea that businesses find emails to be the best way of reaching consumers. I personally believe, similar to Amy, that emails should be monitored as this article suggests , because emails become annoying or are stock piled in spam as Reuben has suggested.
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Pairing Digital with Event Marketing is a Thing of Beauty

Pairing Digital with Event Marketing is a Thing of Beauty | IMC |
BareMinerals drives brand awareness and customer engagement with a nationwide tour and digital campaign.

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Juan Pablo's insight:

Very interesting!

Cristin Grogan's curator insight, May 20, 2013 9:25 AM

Bare Minerals starts to pair digital with event marketing as the makeup brands travels to six different cities to drive brand awareness and introduce new customers to it's product line.  The company has launched a digital campaign to go along with the tour that includes a YouTube video series and a Twitter vending machine that rewards customers that tweet using the #GOBARE.  Bare Minerals says "The idea is that we start the conversation online but ultimately, with that mainstream interest that we're seeing in the marketplace, we're able to push you out to the right physical doors where you can have that high-touch experience with a beauty ambassador."

Rescooped by Juan Pablo from JWT WOW! launches #SaveSummer campaign launches #SaveSummer campaign | IMC |

#SaveSummer is a fully integrated digital campaign for with the aim of helping mums and kids make the summer count without counting the cost -  and to keep Asda as a regular online destination in this traditionally unpredictable shopping period.

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Interesting example of a fully integrated campaign. 

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For Social Media Success, Think Like a Direct Marketer | Smart Marketing Strategy

For Social Media Success, Think Like a Direct Marketer | Smart Marketing Strategy | IMC |
For social media marketing success, think like a direct marketer and apply these 5 proven principles of effective direct marketing in your marketing strategy.

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very interesting!!!!!

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