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Direct Marketing and Consumer Engagement #2

Direct Marketing and Consumer Engagement #2 | IMC |
Gaia Adni's insight:

This article highlights the key use of direct marketing, delivering relevant messages to customers through the most appropriate channels. Channels that are used to directly communicate with consumers are social media, websites, email and mailers. It also suggests that it is important for companies to find the best way to contact their target audience effectively as it is the main way to get their attention and positively promote either a product of brand. It is also important to focus on the channels that will provide the largest amount of response by consumers. This article also shows that it is important to find out what the best form of direct marketing  is for your consumers as it is pointless to mail your customers when social media is the most effective tool. 

Markus Schobel's curator insight, September 26, 2013 5:30 PM

This article is a great read for our course work, it outlines the importance of direct marketing and marketers can go by using it. Direct marketing does not involve advertisements placed on the internet, on television or over the radio. Types of direct marketing materials used in this article is emails, 80% of consumers read email alerts or updates on special deals from advertisers, interesting to note because even though there is a surge in recent history on social media, Direct marketing is still a useful tool.

Matthew Randrup's comment, September 26, 2013 6:01 PM
Markus I found your article interesting that 80% of people responded to email alerts as this is such a high percentage it shows the effectiveness of direct marketing. I also believe that direct marketing is going to be used more and more with the future of social media and its popularity increasing as a marketing tool.
Shay Narsey's comment, September 26, 2013 6:47 PM
markus, great article and i found it insightful that looked into what direct marketing entails and that direct marketing is a one to one and personalized message and not mass market messages such as TV and radio
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The Power of Ideas; Integration Across All Media

The Power of Ideas; Integration Across All Media | IMC |
New Media Knowledge (NMK) is a learning and business information resource for digital interactive media in the UK
Gaia Adni's insight:

This article shows the importance of integrating a business across all aspects of the media. It also suggest that in order to build brand equity brands need to achieve integration between a number of channels as that is the best way to get a message out to consumers. The three main types of integration are integrated media, integrated creative and integrated teams as shown in this article, and all appear to have an influence in the future of marketing. Today, marketing integration is effectively creating core creative ideas that can be adapted across every medium allowing businesses and brands to effectively communicate with consumers across different channels. If integration is not conducted consumers could receive the wrong message about either a brand or product which is negative for the company. 

Shay Narsey's comment, September 26, 2013 6:44 PM
Markus, i liked this article you have shared also i liked how you mentioned that integration opens up more opportunities for companies and a way to create longevity for any company
Max Downing-Webb's comment, September 26, 2013 6:57 PM
Hi Nona Pedersen, I found this article to be a very interesting read. I feel that integration tends to be overlooked and underestimated by marketers. It is important for marketers to use and integrated approach as you have said and I agree with your insight.
Rui Dong (1248713)'s comment, September 26, 2013 9:16 PM
Advertising business peaked in the late sixties and still plays an important role at the present. However, advertising is no longer to trust by customers, because some products are not the exactly same as they bought. Therefore, the message should be delivered as the same across multiple channels. The three main types of integration are integrated media, integrated creative and integrated teams as shown in this article, and all appear to have an influence in the future of marketing. The author provided two examples, which are Zappos and Amazon to demonstrate marketing integration市场一体化 is effectively creating core creative ideas that can be adapted across every medium allowing businesses and brands to effectively communicate with consumers across different channels. Therefore, if integration deliver wrong message across different social media will bring a negative influence for both brands and products.
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Creating an Effective Communication Mix. Measuring Results Against Objectives.

Creating an Effective Communication Mix. Measuring Results Against Objectives. | IMC |
Your marketing mix can put you in contact with a variety of customers if you create it with diversity in mind. You create your marketing mix from a combination of advertising, sales promotion, public ...
Gaia Adni's insight:

This articles really shows the importance of a marketing communication mix. It shows that the essential aspects of a marketing mix involves advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing and interactive marketing as they are the key ways to communicate with consumers. This articles also suggests that an affective marketing mix can generate a wide range of customers. When initiating a marketing mix, the target consumers, communication channels, cost estimates and measuring all need to be taken into account as they are all important aspects of a marketing mix.

Jayden Cody Lamb's comment, September 26, 2013 5:27 AM
Relating to Kristy’s point about the article, I can agree that planning out your marketing plan is essential to creating the most out of your brand’s campaign. Understanding your market is key because having a large audience can at most times be too difficult to manage if diversity is to much. Therefore having a simplified audience can create the best of both worlds, meaning that you’ll have an easier consumer base to focus on. Using social media is an important topic as nowadays that’s the place to be, having millions of consumers at your fingertips. Having a plan is key and with proper structure and maintenance the brand has potential to flourish.
Janessa Bartsch's comment, September 26, 2013 5:46 AM
Kristy, I think your article is spot on with the first 2 points that marketers must first determining who the target market is and determining the appropriate communication channel. A lot of companies don't complete this second step and feel that quantity is more important than quality but that doesn't work with marketing communications which is why your article is so great.
TSZ HA FUNG's comment, September 26, 2013 7:19 PM
i agree with Yunqi Zeng, this is so important of identity your target consumer market, by using the right channel sending the right message to the right consumer are the ultimate goal of communication mix and provide the maximum benefit to company.
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Communicating with Consumers

Communicating with Consumers | IMC |
Customers make decisions at the gut level. Here's how to use the customer's emotions to your advantage.
Gaia Adni's insight:

This article suggests that consumers engage in their emotion when making a purchasing decision. In order for companies to effectively engage with consumers and encouraging sales, it is critical for the sale approach to create or agument the emotion of the consumer. Although there is a decision making process, it is extremely unlikely that consumers follow it whenever engaging in a purchase, instead of discovering the decision process of consumers, companies need to understand the emotion of the consumer as that it what drives them to make a purchase every time. Companies need to learn and research their consumers in order to completely understand the emotion of the consumer toward your brand. 

Alexandra Leeming's comment, August 14, 2013 10:44 PM
I think this article makes a very good point that there are 6 main emotions that consumers can experience. Obviously there are more and although consumers can be overwhelmed with a vast number of different feelings and emotions at one time, what I got from this article is that they can all be traced back to relate to one of these 6, you could say 'core' emotions. This article is effective in the way that it really simplifies these emotions and puts them into context because I believe majority of decisions are based on an emotional connection with a product or service. Business owners having an understanding of this will help them to connect to their consumers and understand what emotions are influencing them at the time which gives the business the advantage of playing off those emotions.
Georgia Basagre's comment, August 19, 2013 12:31 AM
I feel that this article is an effective way to understand the importance about consumer behaviour. Particularly in reference to their emotions. If we don't understand how consumers think or react towards a certain brand or product. It devalues that relationship between a firm and a consumer. Opening these communication channels will allow growth for a firm and customer loyalty towards a brand. I feel that this is what truly drives our purchases and decisions that we make everyday.
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Brands and Brand Management

Brands and Brand Management | IMC |
In what ways does developing a strong brand increase a company’s growth potential?

Via Maybelle O'Connell
Gaia Adni's insight:

This article shows that a strong brand is key in producing company growth and differentiates a product from its competitors.The value of a brand is determined by both the activities of the marketer's and the consumer's. Brands need to maintain a consistancy in company goal and identity to ensure that consumers have a the correct perception of the brand in terms of brand awareness and image. A strong brand name allows a company to expand its business and maintain loyatly of customers. 

Yangyu Wang's comment, August 22, 2013 2:42 PM
Logo is just one of an essential element for a brand. But a strong brand always has its own unique logo. A brand is much more than a simple logo. It more likes a culture, a story with characters and personalities. A strong brand has its own taste, sound and smell.
Ying Wang's curator insight, September 1, 2014 12:15 AM

I am agree with it is relevant to Brand Equity. Strong Brands can help a business develop product or service faster and with discipline. It will be easier to attract the right kind of partner or investor. Strong brand can be handy in many areas just like Samsung.

Frédéric Pressac's curator insight, March 10, 2015 6:57 AM

Frédéric Pressac

Consultant Web Marketing

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Direct Marketing and Consumer Engagement

Direct Marketing and Consumer Engagement | IMC |
Burgeoning digital channels and new avenues of customer insight give marketers new opportunities to build affinity and sales through direct marketing.
Gaia Adni's insight:

This article shows the importance and relevance of direct marketing for companies and businesses with a growth in social media interactions. It also suggests that direct marketing tools can enable marketers to create and strengthen emotional bonds with customers as well as customer groups. Direct marketing is described as anything that is convenient and easier toward the consumer. The key to successful direct marketing is to provide something of interest to your target audience, if they are not interactive with what you are doing they will not care that you are attempting to make their life easier. If a company is able to directly communicate with the consumer whether through a website, social media or even through mailers it is still beneficial for the company as they are giving the customers the opportunity to feel involved and ask the company questions or provide feedback directly back. 

David Blomfield's comment, September 26, 2013 10:35 PM
This is a great article and looks at the impact of social media on direct marketing. Direct Marketing is effective because it allows marketers to strengthen their relationship with consumers as well as getting feedback about their product. Not only is it becoming more and more popular as a marketing tool but it is also relatively cheap to use.
Alex Wang's comment, September 26, 2013 10:36 PM
I like the example you used, Florence. It is always so crucial to have interaction with customers. Through the communications, customers would think they are considered as a member of the societies. And getting customers involved, they will become more loyalty to the brand.
Thapthim (Thim) Phithak's comment, September 26, 2013 10:45 PM
I agree with you Sean, i believed that direct marketing works best. I feel that receiving emails and texts are not that engaging compare to personal selling. When you market you products or brand directly to the consumers, you can connect to your consumers emotionally and engage to them better.
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Creating an Effective Communication Mix. Measuring Results Against Objectives #2

Creating an Effective Communication Mix. Measuring Results Against Objectives #2 | IMC |
The marketing communications mix is the strategies used to advertise a business or a product line. It focuses on four main...
Gaia Adni's insight:

This articles provides the definition of a marketing mix as a strategy used to advertise and promote a business or its product. It also suggests that there are certain aspects of marketing that make up the marking mix, these are sales promotions, personal selling, direct marketing efforts, general advertising, as well as public relations. This article suggests that these are important as they all essentially make up the entity of the marketing mix. If these points are not all achieved and appointed to the marketing mix may not be affective and therefore new customers may not be drawn to the business or product that is being promoted. This article then goes on to define each aspect of the marketing mix and explains how each is important each aspect is to the overall definition of a marketing mix. 

Alexandra Leeming's comment, September 26, 2013 2:37 AM
This article raises a very good point that it is important for brands to have an understanding of the marketing mix and the four P's in particular, price, place, promotion and product, however within that, brands need to have an individual understanding of how each of these components need to work together to be successful. For example promotion, brands have a lot of media available to them to advertise and promote their products through these days. So it is not just looking at the communication mix as a whole, which is very important, it is going deeper into each segment and having a full understanding to understand which parts each segment plays in the bigger picture of the communication mix.
Ahmed Salman's curator insight, September 26, 2013 9:08 PM

The article defines the marketing mix as a strategy. It states that the marketing communications mix focuses on four broad classes of approaches that may be used to alert consumers to the benefits and availability of products. I enjoyed this article because it discusses key factors in the marketing mix. It says  that there are certain aspects of marketing that make up the marking mix, these are sales promotions, personal selling, direct marketing efforts etc. I particularly liked this article because it explains each aspect importance to the marketing mix.

Shay Narsey's comment, September 26, 2013 9:55 PM
great article Ahmed and im thrilled to read how you must understand integration to create a good business to grow in the current generations.
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Program Planning, Objectives, Budgets, Measuring Success

Program Planning, Objectives, Budgets, Measuring Success | IMC |
Gaia Adni's insight:

This article is great for understanding the key points about objectives and the correct use of advertisement is a great way of getting your product or service into the market place and introducing it to consumers. Having objectives is important but even more important is understanding the difference between Marketing Objectives and IMC Objectves. If a company does not understand the difference between the two there is a chance that the advertisement that is produced does not match the chosen target market therefore it will prove inappropriate. It is important for companies to understand that Marketing Objectives need to be realistic, quantifiable and achieved throughout the overall marketing plan while IMC objectives are more narrow and are focused on a specific target audience.


Didia Carvalho's comment, August 22, 2013 5:05 AM
This is a great article and i enjoy reading it. It explains what is advertising and how advertising is related to marketing. Also in this article explain the importance of the marketers need to understand the consumers. I agree with the author it is very hard to determent value of the advertisement but we can determent whether the advertisement is success or not by measuring the marketing and the communication objective. The value of the object will guide us to develop the integrated marketing communication. Also, this article mention about the objective of the promotional objective. Overall this is a good article, give reader easy to understand and make people interest to read with.
Max Downing-Webb's comment, August 22, 2013 6:08 AM
Setting marketing objectives correctly is often discussed but sticking to them is rarely acknowledged. I like that your have brought our attention to this KIm. Sticking to the objectives and budget is important as these decisions are made independently and with a strategic perspective rather than short-term or situational decisions. Good find Kim, and good reminder to keep following that marketing mix.
Tiffany Tang's comment, August 22, 2013 7:35 AM
This article mainly talk about how advertising is important to promo a brand into the society. After reading the article i can clearly understand that how advertising is important to a business. For the business, it is very important for them to understand their audience as well as their target market. Also a successful advertising can let people remember their brand and products. Furthermore, we need to be careful about the promotion budget. Some business in order to make their brand more popular they do not care about how much they spend at last they over their budget. An successful advertising can be measured by their objective. This will make the business to be success.
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Understanding Integration

Understanding Integration | IMC |
The glut of places to advertise makes it easy to confuse customers with contradictory messages. Execute a strategy that integrates all your efforts
Gaia Adni's insight:

This article shows the importance of integration in an attempt to remove the chance of fragmentation and to engage with consumers effectively. Intergated maketing takes a long time to come into affect in the market place however this article shows how important it really is to communicate a consistent identity, no matter how long it does take. When involving with an external agency for commiunicating with consumers it is critical for the communication between the company and the agency to be high and on the same level. If the agency is unaware of your brand image and identity chances are that the communication tool produced will confuse your consumers or deliver a message that your brand does not inforce. 

Alexandra Leeming's comment, August 14, 2013 10:54 PM
What I got from this article was that to create a successful brand and increase your brand equity, you have to have a clear understanding of how you want your brand to be perceived and then integrate all areas of your advertising so that they are portraying the same message. This takes time! Those that do not see the results they were expecting straight away may jump ship and change their marketing campaign however this could result more costly for the brand instead of fine tuning their previous marketing campaign. Brands that change or have inconsistent communication with their consumers end up confusing them and could deter them away from their products, losing brand equity. Understanding the importance of integration and communication a consistent message to consumers is far more effective than have 5 really impressive but unrelated ad campaigns over 5 years as consumers will struggle to grasp what your brand is all about.
Georgia Basagre's comment, August 19, 2013 12:39 AM
Integration is really about understanding your brand and how to promote it to consumers and potential ones too. You need a plan so that it's efficient and valued. Therefore, this process is very time consuming but it is all about making sure that the end result is successful. Firms that stay true to their brand and portray a consistent message will likely to have loyal customers. On the other hand if a brand keeps changing their message and identity and is not consistent it causes confusion and loses potential customers
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Consumer Engagement

Consumer Engagement | IMC |
In today's mobile-centric world, different demographic and psychographic consumer groups will display varying expectations and demand for mobile interactions with your brand. This makes it critical to understand and ...
Gaia Adni's insight:

In todays market, consumer have so many options in terms of which products to purchase. This article shows that it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to target audiences and communicate witht them effectively, therefore it is important for companies to develop intamecy with their consumers, listen to consumer needs and improve products where appropriate and understand the market in order to maintain customer loyalty and knowledge. If these points are not addressed correctly there is potential for lose of customers which in turn will reduce sales.

Companies need to continually engage with their consumers to ensure an upper hand on their competitors.

Georgia Basagre's comment, August 11, 2013 11:22 PM
This shows that consumer engagement is crucial to a companies success. The more they understand the way that their consumers act or respond to products. There is a higher chance that they can promote more growth for their firms such as sales. It is important that companies are consistent with what is happening so that they meet the consumers needs. If firms fail to do this it can decline their business and lose the consumers attention in the future.
Alexandra Leeming's comment, August 20, 2013 10:14 PM
Although this article only focuses on integrating the mobile into marketing strategies and ways to connect with consumers, it is an eye opener in the sense that as technology advances, companies have to understand how to include them in their integrated strategies in order to capitalize on consumer responses to their products. Companies that fail to advance with technology run the risk of being left behind and can miss out on an effective marketing tool. Articles like this one are useful to companies as they offer practical solutions such as it is not about creating something completely new each time, it is about improving. Making this information available to companies can save them a lot of time and money and help them stay true to their strategic goals and not go off on potentially confusing tangents.