IMC: Branding and Pricing
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IMC: Branding and Pricing
influences of price against brands
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B2B Social Media Success Starts with Measurable Objectives

B2B Social Media Success Starts with Measurable Objectives | IMC: Branding and Pricing |
Prianka Patel's insight:

This article displays an in- depth demonstration of measurable objectives which can achieve a brand to be well established. In relation to IMC media situation analysis lead to determination of specific media objectives. Media objectives are designed to lead to the achievement of communications and marketing objectives. This article has shown how social media companies are achieving brand awareness quite effectively than B2B marketers. This is simple due to the lack of objectives set by those B2B marketers as their objectives are just not as sufficiently measurable than the social media companies. This article has defined the objectives as well as stated some of the obstacles that can come across from the objectives. Media objectives must be set accurately and must be measurable as most consumers these days will be aware of a brand or product mostly due to media channels, due to the result of consumers being more reliant on technology than old fashioned newspapers or flyers. Choosing the correct broadcasting media channel, target market, and achieving a brand image which displays emotions and creativity is very important.  These are just some of the main media objectives which must be set. 

Deveshnee Moodley's comment, April 29, 2013 2:21 AM
A business must coordinate its IMC strategies well so this can deliver clear, consistent as well as competitive message about the brand and its products and services. Media objectives must be precise and must be incorporated into the companies IMC strategy. As a result the company can successfully deliver a clear and consistent message about the brand and corporate image towards their stakeholders and consumers through the correct channels.
Delzin Balsara's comment, May 8, 2013 1:11 AM
In order to create a good business, marketers need to create a good strategy. The plan and strategy need to be established first and needs to be to the point so that B2B companies are able to separate themselves from other businesses.
Fatana Faghiryar's comment, May 9, 2013 6:00 AM
I really liked this aticle as the gives an in- depth demonstration of measurable objectives. This shown how social media companies are accomplishing understanding of brands than B2B marketers. Marketers need to create a good strategy so their business can be successful. On the whole quite a well wrtten article.
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Want to build a brand? First, own an idea.

Want to build a brand? First, own an idea. | IMC: Branding and Pricing |

I think all entrepreneurs should study advertising.

Advertising is an industry of ideas. Great ideas — paired with exceptional execution — produce growth for clients, win awards, and vault agencies into the national spotlight.

The same can be said for brands. Businesses that start with a big idea, and then stick to it, are the ones that become iconic brands.

Campbell’s owns the idea of “comfort food.” That brand is not about the soup, it’s about the rainy day when your kids are home for lunch and you sit down for a bowl of soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Campbell’s warms, comforts, nourishes, takes you back in time and puts a smile on your face. All for less than a buck.


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Via Dona Chakraborty, Mithuhassan
Prianka Patel's insight:

This article is a good article explaining and demonstrating using various example of how advertising is executed by starting with a big influential idea, sticking to the main and straight forward point of the idea can lead for a brand to become significantly the executed. This is just as important in relation to IMC how it is important for a brand to evaluate a meaningful appeal or message to communicate to the consumer but it is also very important to execute the brand for it to become an iconic brand. One of the examples used is how Campbell’s soups promote the idea of “comfort food” this statement is not representing that the brand is about soup, instead it is saying how it would be perfect to make soup on a rainy day for kids when they come back after school and want a warm snack to create that comfy feeling. This is a demonstration of the theory of execution in a straight – sell or factual message this is one of the ways in which creative executions is delivered.  This ad of Campbell’s soups has a straightforward presentation of information concerning the soup. This ad is also an example of personality symbol execution where the soup is given a personality of being comfort food. The question that I would like to ask about this article is how the original companies of creating a brand are not very known but the exact same brand is known by those popular companies?  

Deveshnee Moodley's comment, April 29, 2013 2:29 AM
“Businesses that start with a big idea, and then stick to it, are the ones that become iconic brands” I agree with this statement. I think companies who illustrate their big idea effectively, can really engage and grasp consumers attention. By doing this effectively consumers can understand what the big idea is about....maybe it’s about saving money, or something is important to life that you need to have. Customer will then think about this “big idea” as to what is means to them, what do they do next, how to they react to this.
Delzin Balsara's comment, May 8, 2013 1:16 AM
This is a good article as it explains how creativity is important in advertising in order to market the brand or product effectively. The message that is being sent out to the consumer needs to be simple, creative, attractive, unique yet to the point. This could raise questions and get the people talking about the brand or service portrayed in the advertisement, increasing awareness and sales for the business itself.
Fatana Faghiryar's comment, May 9, 2013 6:07 AM
I quite liked this article because it talks about the whole ideas of IMC and the title says it all "Want to build a brand? First, own an idea" in order for a company to do well it must have a good idea that attracts the audiences.
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Social Media: Do You Know Your Audience? | Heidi Cohen

Social Media: Do You Know Your Audience? | Heidi Cohen | IMC: Branding and Pricing |

Before you dive into creating your social media marketing strategy, know who’s in your audience and where you can find them.


Once you’ve done your research and have answers to these questions you can create asocial media persona to guide you in planning your editorial calendar and promotional campaigns. To that end, here’s some recent research that you might find helpful....

Via Jeff Domansky
Prianka Patel's insight:

This article exactly defines how to reach out to the target market. According to IMC media planning is very determined on the series of decisions involved in delivering the promotional message to the targeted audience of the brand or product. This article has thoroughly explained why choosing the right target market for a brand is important. Just by choosing a social media website such as Facebook and create a Facebook page is not the only process that is to be established for your brand to reach out to its target audience. It is important to understand what the goal is for your brand that you are promoting, what benefits it provides over the competitors, and also it is important to note how the target market engages on various social media venues. This article has said how it is important to choose the right age group, income, shopping habits and much more that you are targeting your brand, too promote the brand on a particular special media website depending on the age group. This is a very good article in my opinion as it really explains the process of choosing the right target market to deliver the message of the brand or product. I don’t think I have any disagreements or curiosity towards this article.

Deveshnee Moodley's comment, April 29, 2013 2:40 AM
I too found it interesting that that twitter and tumblr were the most popular sites for 18 to 24 year old's. I would have thought Facebook would be number one. However this article is useful as shows the rapid growth of internet and social media. This is relevant information for a marketer to know in terms of digital marketing. The information in this article can be very useful to a marketer, when he/she are implementing marketing strategies.
Delzin Balsara's comment, May 8, 2013 1:20 AM
It is very important to know who your audience is when promoting a new/existing brand. It is clear that this article explains and identifies its' association with groups of all sorts which then creates a large marketing audience. Marketers need to narrow down their target to then establish the best consumers. This article really goes to show how social media marketing site like Facebook may not always have the right technique or strategy to generate popular feedback and awareness.
Fatana Faghiryar's comment, May 9, 2013 6:04 AM
quite an interesting article as it shows the internet and social media growth, which is changing many companies nature to business. this article has simply shown the many social networks site e.g facebook not always has the right marketing techniques.
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Branding Strategy Insider | Strong Brands And Corporate Growth

Branding Strategy Insider | Strong Brands And Corporate Growth | IMC: Branding and Pricing |
In what ways does developing a strong brand increase a company’s growth potential?
jaklinissaeva's comment, March 20, 2013 1:59 AM
I agree with Annabel, I also found that this article was brief on ways in which developing a strong brand can increase a companies growth potential. I liked some of the points this article made such as: "a company with a strong name has an easier time getting into distribution channels" and "A strong brand helps a company grow in three specific ways. First, companies can charge a higher price — which hopefully leads to higher profits, thereby resulting in more cash to expand the business further." In regards to charging higher prices for product goods or services, it all depeneds on what the brand is and what products it is distributing and selling, even if its a big brand, it could still be selling goods and services of medium level quality. Via versa. However, establishing a strong brand name is really important because it is the key to building good consumer relationships and equity.
Renee Quarrie's comment, March 21, 2013 3:55 AM
This article raises three very important points in regards to why its crucial to have a strong brand. Brand recognition and reliability allows for company's to charge more as consumers are familiar with the product or service that the business offers. Having a strong brand also saves money for the company, it means that it doesnt have to rebrand itself with new products. E.g. apple has many different electronic devices however uses the one brand as consumers are already famliar with its quality.
Tarjana Patel's comment, March 21, 2013 4:48 AM
Good points. The article is brief; however it does show the importance and benefits of having a strong brand. I was also thinking, this strategy would only work depending on what type of business you are. What do you think? But for sure, in the long run a brand can definitely save money, when it comes to marketing.