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Scooped by Marche Adams!

What in the Heck Is Co-Marketing?

What in the Heck Is Co-Marketing? | IMC AND THE IMPORTANCE OF A BRAND |
Learn what co-marketing is, and how you can get started with your own co-marketing partnerships.
Marche Adams's insight:

This article relates to and gives us an understanding of what Partnerships in the business world involves and what the concept of co-marketing entitles. As stated marketing is always evolving therefore this means that marketers have to learn a vast amount on developing new strategies, tactics and terminology. Co-marketing as I understand is a form of relationship marketing, marketing efforts is doubled increasing the benefits from promotion i.e. when launching a new product. This also allows for both parties to reach a whole new audience, one you may not have been able to if you went at it alone. Finding the right partner is important of course one that would be complimentary to your existing brand.

Kerri-Ann Choromanski's comment, March 20, 2013 7:30 AM
Co-marketing seems to be one of those processes that if the wrong partner was chosen it would confused the consumer of both sides. Potentially it could be risky, however, if done right would have a huge return for both parties.
Becky Norman's comment, March 24, 2013 9:43 PM
Co-marketing can be a brilliant tool if used correctly. There can be huge benefits from both parties involved if this is done in a complimentary manner. This can also be a huge risk if used incorrectly.
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How Customer Service on Social Media Helps Your Brand [Infographic]

How Customer Service on Social Media Helps Your Brand [Infographic] | IMC AND THE IMPORTANCE OF A BRAND |
Last week Henriette wrote a blog post about the importance of connecting with your fans on a personal level when brands communicate on socia (RT @voziq: How Customer Service on Social Media Helps Your Brand [Infographic] | Mindjumpers
Marche Adams's insight:

In today's society technology has fast evolved, and social media has become a new crazed frenzy among businesses/ organization to create a high level of brand awareness, especially when consisdering their target market of conumers and potential consumers between the ages of say roughly 16-25.


This article illustrated the components of connecting with your customer-base on more of a person level and how that may lead to you growing a srtonger relationship with them as well as them gaining a higher trust in your brand.


its sugested that if you havent yet used social media and a tool then this should be implement as soon as possible because

"Customers expect brands to maintain an active social media presence. They have a very strong voice, and social media really amplifies that voice exponentially".


This article also states that 60% of companies are missing out on vital opportunities to engage with customers by not responding to the comments and conerns being voiced through different social media platforms.

With todays generation becoming more techno focussed and techno savy, it would be a good idea for companies to become more familiar with social media exposure as it does contribute a great deal towards brand exposure.


Mez Raukawa Newton's comment, March 22, 2013 2:19 AM
Social media is beyond a major role in Marketing. As Emiliya mentioned, it keeps customers up to date.The social media is also changing very vast and dramatically, which tends to be the trend now days as customers are always looking new and more ways to connect with other people and brands. You could say that social media is forever changing to possibly suit and cater to us.
Emiliya Ravkina's curator insight, August 22, 2013 6:42 AM

I think that brands on social media websites are very important in our days. If we looking at the statistics in the article above it is evident that consumers are more likely to share their opinion on social media sites with their friends or people they know. If a brand is also on social media sites it can use things such as feedback and complaints to the advantage of the brand. It is clear that people want responses and to be engaged with the brand. However I also believe that the brand should be smart in using the social media and the way company responses to feedbacks they receive. Having someone knowledgeable or experienced in brands on social media in charge or giving insight to allow the brand to maintain the image they want to portray.

Alysse Woodward's comment, August 22, 2013 10:54 AM
I like how this is a visual take on social media. It shows the difference between social media on your brand vs your brand on social media.
It reflects the flow on effect social media has through consumer engaement. As social media plays a large role in todays world it is important to communicate a brands message through social media channels.
Communicating through social media means that consumers can always be informed, information is easily accessible, consumers can review information in their own time and pace and within an environment that is comfortable for them. For organisations social media can consistantly be updated to coinside with the product, price, place and promotions that are beneficial to a consumer.
Social media is a quick, easy and effective way to communicate, targets a wide audience and is one channel IMC can opperate through.
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Domain Name & Web Hosting

Domain Name & Web Hosting | IMC AND THE IMPORTANCE OF A BRAND |
Domain Names and Web Hosting to get your online business sorted.
Marche Adams's insight:

The purposes of this article were to inform not only organisation/business but as well as consumers about the importance of building a brand. Five specific reasons where given as to why that ive gained the understanding of!

1-      Value- allowing you to charge more as they see a higher value proposition therefore being less price sensitive.  As stated they see beyond the price as they have this emotional connection and want to be associated with a “strong brand”.

2-      Clear point of difference- this usually contributes to a competitive advantage over those who may be offering the same goods or services. A strong brand sets you apart from the rest.

3-      Brands are memorable- if your brand has made that impact in the mind of your prospective consumers then you have a higher chance of making onto their “shopping list” as they have put it as brand recall and recognition is a great contribution to a strong brand.

4-      Emotionally engage-“with their prospects – and when someone is emotionally engaged (with anything), it is much harder to sever the ties and look elsewhere”.

5-      Brands are an asset- brands are worth something, if in future you decide to sell your business there has already been value created on your brand. Having one if the first place may be what created that interest.

Kerri-Ann Choromanski's comment, March 20, 2013 7:35 AM
This is a great article to explain the benefits of having a brand and brand imaging. Its a good starting point for new businesses to build from as it explains the emotional relationship customers have with the products they buy
Becky Norman's comment, March 24, 2013 9:47 PM
This article clearly explains the way we can build a brand to get value out of it. Focusing on these 5 aspects value, clear POD, memorability, engagement and viewing a brand as an asset will all help build a great brand.