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How can IMC impact consumer decisions and affect the decision making process through communications, different advertising campaigns and their communication objectives.
Curated by Angelina Singh
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Marketing, Coca-Cola kicks off global teen campaign, GLOBAL, ADVERTISING, Campaigns, Digital, Branding, TV, |

Marketing, Coca-Cola kicks off global teen campaign, GLOBAL, ADVERTISING, Campaigns, Digital, Branding, TV, | | IMC and COMMUNICATIONS |
Marketing, GLOBAL, ADVERTISING, Coca-Cola kicks off global teen campaign, Campaigns, Digital, Branding, TV,
Angelina Singh's insight:

Coca-Cola has some of the best known marketing campaigns. In specific as part of Cokes music focus strategy they done a campaign focused on teenagers. Potraying the message of the importance of teenagers and different nationalities partaking in the consumption of coke in a music video.


"teens are the most demanding target audience as far as creativity is concerned and in the way they engage with a brand or campaign,"

They have identified that teens are the most demanding target therefore focusing specifically on teenagers. This campaign does exactly that delivering appropriate messages to its consumers. 

"Coke is unencumbered by the drama of life, it is a simple moment of happiness, not unlike rocking out in the privacy of your own room"

They then incorporate their overall marketing strategy and objectives within this campaign sticking with their motto of happiness.

Scarlett Yeounju Kim's comment, September 26, 2013 6:44 AM
@Holly; In order for a marketing effort to be successful, it is critical to know who the target audience is. Coca-Cola created a new campaign to target teenagers. In fact, Coca-Cola has been beloved by everybody for a long time. It has not been concerned with any demographic: age, gender, sex, income and so on. However, there are many competitors present in the contemporary era. It may be their proactive marketing decision to retain current customers and those who are changing their minds In order to satisfy teenagers they produce 30 second video clips which consist of creative elements. I think, it is a wise decision, because a brand marketer should respond promptly, even to small changes. Coca-Cola detected the change of the market and therefore chose to do proactive campaign. In order to be successful in business, it does not only require recognising the target audience but also detecting the change of market.
Yuhang Wei's comment, September 26, 2013 11:06 AM
@Holly Adams: In this article it mainly highlights the importance of targeting the right market and this is what Coca Cola has done well. Targeting teens is a really smart move and again Coke symbolizes moment of happiness. Thats what marketing is all about is to build relationships with consumers and satisfy their needs and wants. Very interesting article to help understand IMC and how it works
Holly Adams's comment, September 27, 2013 12:25 AM
I thought this was a great article describing a VERY successful world company and how they have used their target market to built that success. By targeting an age group that is all about consuming it starts off with a great audience. Coke have made the drink an absolute everyday need in consumption for many of the target audience is most countries around the world. Coke has been a company since 1896 yet continues to grow and be the most innovative with their products. For example realising new bottle and can sizes as well as marketing a year and names on the bottles. Instantly people want to buy a coke with their own name on it or the year they were born, therefore creating that need to get the drink even if your are not thirsty. When we look at the rival company Pepsi, we can see less innovative ideas as they have stuck to the original bottle size and can. I believe that has lead to a increase in market share for coke rather than pepsi
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Coca-Cola drives brand awareness via mobile gaming initiative - Mobile Marketer - Gaming

Coca-Cola drives brand awareness via mobile gaming initiative - Mobile Marketer - Gaming | IMC and COMMUNICATIONS |
Coca-Cola has rolled out a branded mobile gaming application that targets teens and young adults and lets them engage with the beverage giant on a deeper level.
Angelina Singh's insight:

Utilizing IMC channels, providing information about product to consumers using specific channels.


“It's clear that mobile phones are a passion point for teens and young adults"


Coke has driven their brand awareness by focusing on teens and young adults and reaching them through their prefered channel of mobile phones. The use of smart phones amongst teens today has grown rapidly.  


Characters and products in the game are branded with Coca-Cola’slogo, which helps enforce the brand throughout the game.

They have impacted a persons decision making process in the "information search" stage by providing external information through the right channel for the right consumers whilst emphasizing their brand logo and what they stand for.

Great way to impact consumer decisions.

bhumika's curator insight, September 26, 2014 12:10 AM

Here, Coca Cola launches a mobile game app targeting teens and young adults to reinforce their brand image using a different form of media channel  

Rebecca Pereira's curator insight, October 2, 2014 2:28 AM

Coke has driven brand awareness by utilising 

IMC channels. The introduction of the mobile gaming application was a creative way of integrating markting communications in order to create brand awareness targeting children and youth. 

Chantelle Pulevaka's curator insight, October 2, 2014 4:32 AM

Using Mobile phone apps to involve consumers....cleaver idea 

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Interbrand – Best Global Brands 2012 - Coca-Cola

Interbrand – Best Global Brands 2012 - Coca-Cola | IMC and COMMUNICATIONS |
Interbrand Best Global Brands 2012 brand profiles overview
Angelina Singh's insight:

Brand awareness: increasing the chances coke will appear in a consumers evoked set of brands.


Coca-Cola. A name that is more universally recognized than any other in the world.

Automatically coke has increased brand awareness with their fancy attractive meaningful campaigns and their online presence. In doing this their brand is more likely to appear in a consumers evoked set of brands because its well known and creates deep connections for consumers to the brand.

"The company excels at keeping the brand fresh while maintaining a powerful sense of nostalgia that unites generations of Coke lovers and reinforces consumers’ deep connections to the brand"

Fiji Singh's comment, April 4, 2013 5:24 AM
Coke has a been a virtually unchanged product since its creation. A minor tweak here a little tweak there, but that's it. The success and longevity of the product is truly remarkable. The word "nostalgia" perfectly described my experience with the brand. As a child it is the sweet sugary goodness ina bottle on a hot summers day, it will also probably be there when I'm old and grey. The emotional connection the company has build with its consumers is one all brands should try to recreate. This article was well written and left me thirsty.
Mareta Simanu Sapolu's comment, April 8, 2013 6:31 AM
hahaha!@Fiji..Of course coke's emotional attachment and connections of its taste will follow you at the old age especially when thinking at years back when we were little kids coke was still on the run being a popular brand. Coke has its minor weaknesses now and then but can never outrun its popularity with customer emotional attachment.
Rui Jia's comment, April 9, 2013 8:13 AM
i think the success of coca-cola is that they have very strong brand personality share happiness with others witch links to people's emotional feelings. and they take every opportunity to appear in any big events so that they can get consumers attention.