imc and brand management
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imc and brand management
brand management
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The Importance of Communicating Your Brand Message | Branding ...

The Importance of Communicating Your Brand Message | Branding ... | imc and brand management |
However, this is not only important when communicating your brand messages to your consumers, but also when it comes to dealing with other businesses too. Another of my involvements, with a client looking to raise money, ...


Kate Corkery's insight:

how a customer percieves a business is crutial.


with competition being so high - first impressions are everything. a business needs something that is different and will last in the customers mind. an 'identifier' McD's has the golden archs, Apple has an apple. 'whats your identifier?'


However to be successful and to keep their brand on top a business needs to take their brand from a service to and experience.

customers need to feel as though after they have finished with that brand that they have gained something or benefited from their experience in some way. this will leave positive thoughts in the consumers mind.


a business and its brand now needs to be the whole package - both looks and an experience


TSZ HA FUNG's curator insight, August 22, 2013 9:35 PM

Today business environment is high competition, many company offer the same product and service, in order to make you different form other brand, company should understand the consumer actual need and want, provide an experience that they really want rather than what service you can provide. Also a good brand logo helps you get the first impression last longer and get more attention such as apple have an apple as they logo.

Yunqi Zeng's comment, August 22, 2013 11:25 PM
The brand management creates loyalty and it builds the strong consumers' trust with the companies which will be a long term relationship.
Sophie Portet's curator insight, October 7, 2014 7:27 PM

Integrated marketing communication and assuring your brand message is being conveyed effectively.

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Asian firms seek to build brand equity - Digital Market Asia

Asian firms seek to build brand equity - Digital Market Asia | imc and brand management |
Asian firms seek to build brand equity
Digital Market Asia
The strength of brand equity recorded a leap from 32% to 44% on this measure, however, totals standing at 18% and 37% for intellectual property, the biggest such increases overall.
Kate Corkery's insight:

building up a brand is a key component in building an organisations brand equity; especially when wanting to enter into international markets. Studies have shown that the srength of brand equity is increasing over time in high quailty products and high levels of service are overtaking the likes of poor quality products. 


with the world becoming more digitalised; products can be easily copied and replicated. Product differentiation is needed to have a successful, this means that the need for the growth of brands and their reputations is at an all time high. 


so for organisations to create the best platform to enter into international markets, they should have a brand that is known for high quality products and service. Keeping the reputation of this brand will help overtime.



Alina Oleinik's comment, March 20, 2013 4:42 PM
In our current marketplace, where technology allows for products to be easily copied, it is important for companies to have a unique point of difference for their products or service which helps them to build a strong brand identity. International companies also need to be aware of the need and wants of different cultures and alter some of their characteristics to accommodate all their customers. By doing this, they can successfully target markets from numerous markets and create a strong brand identity.
Daniel Armstrong's comment, March 21, 2013 6:37 AM
This article shows the importance of branding in building brand equity and also the importance of identifying and protecting your product or services point of difference, to be noticed among competitors. This article also shows the biggest obstacles to building brand equity in overseas markets, with the highest being a lack of understanding of foreign nations and customer segments at 61%. Understanding your target markets is a key to success in building brand equity as a lack of understanding would result in low consumer engagement as you would not be marketing to your consumers correctly. This in my opinion would also result in the other obstacles of having a poor brand reputation, not being able to compete with your local rivals and the inability to build trust with local stakeholders.