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Hair loss is one of the main concerns of people in this day and age and is a huge thing to consider that comes along with growing older.

Preventing Pattern Hair Loss is one of the main plus sides of this special product. The scientifically proven ingredient which prevents this is called Kesasthapanam and it is included in Indulekha Hair Oilin perfectly pH balanced quantities!

Another benefit ofIndulekha Hair Oilis that it can encourage hair growth. The ingredient Kesavardhanam has been proven to encourage more prominent hair growth and is also beneficial for men and women who are going thin at the temples, receeding hair lines or going bald at the crown of their heads.

Indulekha Hair Oil has a third main ingerdiant called Palitam which stops premature graying of the hair.

If your hair is beginning to go a little gray or you just feel you're getting older and want to stop graying then Palitam contained in this special productis perfect to stop this. It keeps your hair freshly coloured and youthful, fighting off gray hairs for as long as it allows.

Within 2-4 weeks of continued use Indulekha Hair Oil will trigger the hairs natural growth cycle by essentially 'waking up' the follicles. In the 'transition phase' of hair growth the follices produce new hairs and this is the time at which the majority of hair loss happens. Each time this happens fewer hairs will come back. When actively using Indulekha Hair Oil you will hold on to additional hair every time this cycle renews itself, slowing down and even potentially stopping receeding!

With more use of this special product you will see major reduction in pattern hair loss and in some men and women you will see hair re-growth! It will certainly be thicker and more vibrant and a lot less prone to losing color.

In short, the advantages are significant of using Indulekha Hair Oil. It stimulates growth, halts premature graying of the hair, stops dandruff, stops split ends and best of all it works for males and females!

If you are having ANY hair troubles, Indulekha Hair Oil could be the perfect solution!