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Softwares and hardwares based on GNSS, Galileo, GLONASS, GPS receivers and generators.




NaVX®-GNSS Test Solution -
Gate Test Range - GALILEO Test and Development Environment


Currently the European satellite navigation system Galileo is under development, with a planned initial operational availability from 2014. Therefore the development of Galileo based applications and products becomes more and more important.




GNSS RF Signal Generator


To cover the different user testing needs for GNSS testing, the NavX®-NCS RF constellation simulator is available in different versions:

The NavX®-NCS Standard® is focused on system integration and production testing for L1 Mass Market Applications. The NavX®-NCS Professional® is optimized for
research and development of multi-frequency GNSS Safety & Professional Applications.




GNSS NTR Test Receiver


To cover the different user needs for research
and development, testing and verification, the
NavX® software defined receiver platform is the
best available solution. The NavX®-NTR® is
focused on multi-GNSS, targeting all existing or
coming GNSS systems.




SX-GNSS Scientific Solutions - NSR Software Receiver


Software receiver offering advanced signal RF-front-end delivering unrivalled performance to the GNSS scientific community. The major applications for the SX-NSR are:

Scientific applications (e.g. GNSS signal reflectometry)
Multipath and spoofing signal evaluation
Interference monitoring and ionosphere scintillation
Weak signal investigation
Sensor fusion


Jyoti Electronics is the country dealer for Ifen Navigation systems for the Indian territory.

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