Essential Power of Reciting Oriki Awon Orisa | Ifa |

Since the beginning of time, eniyan (the chosen) has been at work, struggling to bring about the good condition (Holy Odu IrosunIwori). In this struggle, the orisa have been our greatest allies and guides. They help us to overcome the malevolent forces of the ajogun and to discover the path of destiny. For this reason, we constantly invoke and appease them with oriki awon orisa.

It is safe to say that worship, ritual and prayer are incomplete without oriki awon orisa. Furthermore, the recitations are performed not only for the sake of personal benefit, but also enable others to achieve the good condition by eliminating all destructive forces, even to the point of removing the need for sacrifice!!! How can anyone overlook something so essential as reciting oriki awon orisa? Surely, the wise and sincere devotee makes appeasement her highest priority. Oriki Awon Orisa is an indispensible tool in fulfilling your spiritual duties.

Via Obafemi Origunwa