Advanced Composition for Non-Native Speakers of English | IELTS Writing Task 2 Practice |

"This site provides instructions for writing essays in English for a US academic audience. This site also contains academic essays by ESL and EFL students writing in English for university level classes."


Shona Whyte:

Erlyn Baack, ESL writing instructor, ITESM, Quertaro Campus (Mexico) maintains the site on advanced composition for non-native speakers of English: advice, examples and exercises for academic writing for intermediate learners and beyond.


Here's a review by Jennifer Banton (University of Quebec, Montreal)

"Advanced Composition is a clean looking unified site. It is well planned and easy to follow. There is no advertising to clutter the pages, and all images are directly related to the sites' content and purpose. The audience is specified, and the stated goals are achieved. The author takes great care to cite secondary information, and he includes useful links to related sites. All of this sets a very much appreciated formal and academic tone. In comparison to other Online Writing Labs, Advanced Composition stands out as one of the few which offers higher order writing instruction, including university level sample writing."


Via Vanessa Vaile of Blogging English.

Via Shona Whyte