Infographic: Personalization vs Individualization vs Differentiation | iEduc |

When learning is personal, teaching and learning changes. Teachers' and learners' roles change. Last January, we created a chart comparing Personalization vs Individualization vs Differentiation and a report that explained the difference between these three terms including teacher-centered vs. learner-centered approaches. This chart has been downloaded tens of thousands of times from all over the world and prompted discussions around some of these questions:

> What does personalized or personal learning mean to you?

> How do you see teachers' and learners' roles changing?

> How does a school or district know they are Ready to Transform learning?

> What is Assessment AS Learning?

> Can personalization help close the achievement gap?

> Where are the conversations, models, and examples of personalizing learning?


These questions were part of an interview from Patricia Gomes, a reporter from Porvir in Brazil who wrote an article August 12, 2012 about the chart and resulted in an article and infographic in Portuguese.

Via Kathleen McClaskey