Creating Interactive Web-based Exercises in Hot Potatoes (TESL-EJ review) | iEduc |

"Hot Potatoes is a great freeware program for language teachers to create or upload exercises on their personal websites, class group sites, or on the password-protected Creating exercises for learners gives them space to repeatedly practise the target language. Students may also engage in the process of creating the exercises themselves, then sharing their work on a class group site for others to access. Previous studies point to the need for learners to be provided with opportunities for language input, making language salient, and focusing on form (Chapelle, 2001; Ellis, 2005). Having students create exercises may allow them to both learn the concepts and practise their language skills through the creation of the exercise (Erben, Ban, & Castaneda, 2009)."

Via sarspri, Juergen Wagner, Evdokia Roka