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ALICE Gorilla Robot Solution


The Gorilla Robot Wants to PlayCreate a simple game where the gorillaRobot (Animals) wants to play with the otheranimals. If the player clicks on an animal, the gorillaRobot turns to face that animal andbegins to move towards it. However, the gorillaRobot is only allowed to move a randomdistance that is in the range of 0.5 meters and half the distance to the animal. If thegorillaRobot gets close enough (within 2 meters) to the animal, then the animal disappearsslowly. Once the gorillaRobot has made all of the animals disappear, it turnstowards the camera and asks, “Where did everybody go?” To create this world, use thesand template and the add the desert sky (Environments - Skies). Add the penguin (Animals),triceratops (Animals - Dinosaurs), and a dragon (Fantasy). Create a method forthe gorillaRobot named goToAnimal with an object parameter named who. Also, createa World-level method named checkIfAllAreGone.

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