Top 8 Digital Storytelling Apps to Help Understand Student Strengths | idevices for special needs |

Here are the "Top 8 Apps" for digital storytelling picked by Inov8. They point out that these apps encourage creativity, provide support and remediation for students with special needs, and can be used in many different classroom settings. "They are motivating, engaging and will encourage learners to demonstrate their strengths."


"For students with special needs, the creativity of digital storytelling apps has allowed us, as educators, the opportunity to observe and understand the strengths of our students. New apps are primarily hands-on and highly visual, and provide an opportunity for those learners who struggle with traditional instructional methods to take advantage of their abilities and strengths. Professionals in special education want to use apps in many different contexts, integrated into global curricula, across disciplines, as well as be able to insert their own content. Ultimately we want to customize, individualize and personalize the use of these digital storytelling apps for our students."


Via Kathleen McClaskey