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This article will give you some ideas for a birthday party which you can celebrate your kid's birthday party easily and cheaply.


Birthday is a special day for everyone. Especially for young children , birthday party with cake, flowers, balloons and gifts are wonderful and desirable for them. Today there are many parents choose extravagant birthday parties for their children, but they forgot that they does not bring a lot of fun for kids. So, how to organize a birthday party for your children in the simple way with low cost but still fun? There are some simple ideas for a birthday party in budget that you can use to create lasting impressions in your kids' memories.

Top Ideas For A Birthday Party

1. Storybook Character Party

It is one of ideas for a birthday party for toddlers and younger kids. In the storybook character party, your kid and his/her guests are asked to come dressed as the characters in their favorite storybook. When all people arrived, they will take part in a game named "Twenty questions" to determine who the characters they are acting are. You should prepare a camera to take photos of each guest and then glue the images to a large book with a cute story about the character or the author of each storybook. More than that, you can also make your kid's birthday become meaningful by asking each child to bring 1 or 2 books to exchange with each others as a part of fun. Do so, you can teach your children about saving.

2. Stuffed Animal/ Teddy Bear Party

One of the most interesting ideas for a birthday party for toddlers and younger kids is stuffed animal/ teddy bear party. The guests of birthday party will be asked to bring with them a favorite stuffed animal such as teddy bear. Your kid will image that he/she is in a forest with very many animal. You can also prepare a big picnic basket with adorable outfits for their stuffed animal. After that, you can hold the game of "hide and seek"  in which you can tell them the color of the stuffed animal you want to seek, and the children will try to find out it as quickly as possible. Moreover, a birthday cake with adorable bear shape will make the children feel excited and bring your kid a big smile.

3. Backyard Carnival

If your child is an elementary or school-aged children, you should celebrate his or her birthday with others ideas for a birthday party such as backyard carnival. To prepare for a backyard carnival, your house needs to have a big backyard, or you can hold the carnival in your large garage. It takes a few weeks to plan and create some neat activities and games. You can fill soda bottles with coloring food and water to make them festive and hold game in which the participants need to toss a ring on these soda bottles. You can also create a mini golf course, or even prepare for your children and their friends popcorn stand and cotton candy.

4. Chocolate-Making Party

It is the next idea on the list of ideas for a birthday party for your kids in this post. Most children love sweetness, and chocolate is the excellent option to making treats. You can use chocolate to create many things such as chocolate candy with cute shape, or you can dip a part of fruit like strawberry  into melted chocolate to make lovely recipes. 


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